The Everyday Club Report for October: Cellphone Preaching


If it weren’t for the Everyday Club I’d be more likely to miss my daily goal. Now’s the time to post your totals for October below. If you’d like to sign up, click here.

Here’s an unusual tip from Greg S.:

I was at the airport (where I work) yesterday and I saw a huge group of Japanese tourists, and some Muslims. Well, if you go up to them and start sharing Christ they will ask the security to get rid of you quickly, but what I do is just pick up my cell phone and put it up to my ear and let her rip for Jesus!

I can preach to my heart’s content if they think I am talking to someone on my phone; they have never yet complained or even let out a peep of protest. If you want to really cover yourself you could call a buddy and tell them what is going on. Or you could call someone you know who needs the Lord and get two jobs done at once! At any rate, I have really enjoyed cell phone preaching lately… [It’s a great way to avoid security problems when] we can’t preach in these private property venues. With a cell phone in hand, you can preach wherever and whenever you want!


  1. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    Here’s how I did:

    I missed my goal on 3 days. Here’s how I did on the other days:

    1,840 tracts handed out.

    51 personal conversations, a lot of them in large groups.

    6 open air sessions

  2. Missed 6 days –

    500+ tracts handed out

    At least 20 personal conversations

    No open air this past month

  3. I went to a seminar at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, where Ray Comfort spoke and we handed out tracts and I met some new believers! I also went to Hume Lake Christian Camp to serve and emjoyed being with others and witnessed. I was able to Pray with several people and telll them about the love of Jesus Christ! I missed handing out tracs this month as I need to order some more….
    How is everyone else from the AA#16 doing these days.
    .PRAY PRAY PRAY for the USA!!
    VOTE VOYE VOTE Tomorrow!!!!

  4. I had a slow start to the month but finished strong. I always love Halloween just because it is the only day of the year when people come to my house asking me to give them something. So along with the treats I give them a tract. So instead of trick or treat it is tract and treat. Those million dollar Halloween bills were great. I gave out 200.

  5. “…Muslims all decked out in their Mohammad outfits.”

    Nothing offensive there…

  6. By God’s grace, I was privileged to have been able to sow seeds of truth through gospel conversations every day this month. I continue to write about one conversation each day on my blog. God is good!

  7. Missed two days this month. The Everyday Club is helping me stay on track as well.

  8. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    I missed 1 week.
    We handed out 1500 tracts
    We had 22 1-2-1’s
    10 OA

    Praise the Lord

  9. Go, Greg. Way to connect with your audience.

    Oh, and good cultural sensitivity there, too. “…some Muslims all decked out in their Mohammad outfits.” LOL. Yeah, look at the funny foreigners and their silly clothing! There’s nothing even VAGUELY bigoted about that attitude, is there?

    I mean, after all, wasn’t it Jesus who said “Go ahead and make fun of the foreigners! It’s not like you’re going to see them in heaven or anything!” I think that was in the Beatitudes or somewhere…

    And, you know, nobody EVER gets annoyed with people having loud cell-phone conversations around them, so I’m SURE that you’re managing to share the love of Jesus with this excellent tactic.

  10. I am curious Steve, with this website, and handing out tracts all the time, what do you do for a full time job? Is this it? I don’t mean to pry too much, but I’m just curious.

  11. I was blessed with the month of October to get a track in a hand, but mostly laid out everyday except missing one day. Also on October 29 I was able to go to a Halloween parade with my brother-in-law (who is saved) to hand out tracts. We were blessed to hand out over a hundred tracts of the million dollar bills and big hundred dollar bills. Few people turned them down. Praise the Lord!!!


  12. The problem is they just consider you background noise at that point. How often do you eavesdrop on a person’s phone call? Most people just filter it out. If you get obnoxiously loud, you’ll get a similar result as a direct confrontation.

    Seems like a poor plan and, as usual, quite slimy and sneaky in its intent.

  13. 5 open air preaching
    700 tracts passed out(give or take a few especially when I recycled some and gave some back out that were thrown on the ground.)
    1 prayed with a drunk guy that the Lord was able to shock some sobriety into the guy.
    1 battle royal with the Girls Gone Wild tour bus with the Results: God won! A lady was given the Gospel message when she approached me and asked me what I was doing.

  14. Anthony Varon here! October was awesome! Only missed 1 day! I shared my faith 1 2 1 with about 150 people, passed out about 200 tracts and open aired twice at school! Thank you Jesus and November is already off to a bang too!

  15. I had another off month. I gave out some tracts and had limited one-to-ones. However, I was able to share the Gospel 4 times this month via the message board during the online auditing class that I am taking.

  16. Honestly, I was in a fog for a while after my Mom passed away. No excuses. I was self-centered in my grief and was not thinking of the fate of others. I missed my goal 8 times this month. About 130-140 contacts.

    Trusting in His grace for a better month in November.

  17. My goal is 1 tract per day. I missed about 12 days. I did go out a couple Saturdays on Evangelism outings and handed out about 200 tracts each of those days.

  18. Nameless and perdita: Good points. i made the correction. Thanks. Somehow I overlooked that!

  19. Ah the reason I ask is that I wondered if you had a full time job, such as lawyer, doctor, fireman, etc. etc. that you make a living doing to support yourself and your family, and you preach the gospel in your spare time. Or are you paid a wage by your church so you devote your time to spreading the gospel on a full time basis? I would guess the latter.

    I understand the need to support oneself, but I always personally found the idea of being paid to spread the gospel distateful. Often times it leads to… the palace of the Vatican or Pastor Benny Hinn’s million dollar mansion. Both seem contrary to the example Jesus set, and if I had pick a life more in keeping with that standard I’d pick a monk. They might not be as active in spreading the word on YouTube, but many take vows of poverty, choosing to live humbly rather than make any money off of Christ.

    I would think, for the truly devoted, they could make the time to organize Christians and speak to youth without being paid a dime for it. For many years my father and group of friends ran a non-profit kid’s soccer organization, they’d organize events every weekend and schedule leagues and tournaments, because they enjoyed it and so did the kids, and any money that went into the organization would get spent on these events. No one saw a dime of it, and they didn’t care, because it was worth making an impact in young kid’s lives.

  20. I didn’t report in for September, but I loved that our Gracious God allowed me to share Christ with my best friend from childhood that month! Praise God!
    October was great for handing out Halloween tracts: 350+
    It is getting cold so it limits the fishing pond for one2one conversations.

    vintango2k: I commend you for spending time with youth on soccer activites, but please realize after a good time at soccer, if that youth dies, he or she (without repenting and placing their faith in Christ) will spend eternity in hell.

  21. Paul my prayers go out to you in the loss of your mother. Remember scripture for the time to mourn….
    There are others willing to fill in for you during your time of grief brother.

  22. You’re right Beth, if those preschoolers get beaned by a ball and drop dead they’ll be sent to hell, because their ignorance of God or Jesus is no excuse. Acceptance of Christ is the only way to salvation, those unfortunate to die when they’re innocent are truly unlucky.

  23. No excuses I was down again this month. I passed out 50 tracts and did preach at the local prison.

  24. OK, Beth, I”ll give it a shot.

    So you’re saying that if a child is too young to speak and dies, the baby goes to hell? I mean, even if you’re all about the baptism at birth, there’s no way you can claim that a 6 month old has “accepted Jesus in his heart.”

    That seems harsh… Of course, since it’s already born, I guess you care a lot less about it.

  25. Nameless Cynic, here is the answer I gave to someone else at another post who had the same concerns as you:

    On your second question about where babies go when they die, I’m surprised that you just don’t Google an answer; on the other hand, you may not know which Christian theologians to trust. So here are two evangelical pastors I can recommend wholeheartedly who will give you some solid biblical answers. I hope you find these answers helpful. Thanks for asking.

    From John MacArthur:

    The Salvation of Babies Who Die–Part 1

    Part 2

    John Piper:

    Why do you believe that infants who die go to heaven?

  26. “I’m surprised that you just don’t Google an answer”

    I’m glad you phrased it like that Steve, because as you know there are many disagreements about this issue within Christianity… yes, even Real True Christianity.

  27. I find the first article fascinating, the writer believes that there was no death before mankind sinned, something that is difficult to conceive. Do you honestly believe this Steve? If nothing died, meaning through old age, disease, etc. that means everything would multiply, would be indestructible, and anything that is parasitic by nature, ie. fungus, bacteria or viruses, couldn’t exist. Also if God’s intention was that man would live forever, in a sinless state without death, and would be fruitful and multiple as the writer postulates. Then by this date this planet would be a pretty crowded place. Without death to cull human and even plant and animal life there would be trillions of people alive on this earth even if people have only been alive for 6,000 to 10,000 years. Growth would be EXPONENTIAL, and the Earth would have to be much more larger to house not only use but all the offspring of every undying animal and plant on the face of the Earth. But the beginning part is also interesting where he sites examples in the Bible of God deciding to wipe out infants of certain human tribes, I can understand why you fear God, Steve, beings who routinely commit genocide aren’t known for their kindness. But don’t you think people get mixed signals when people tell them that God is loving and perfect but at the same time he seems to have no problem whatsoever wiping out whole ethnic groups in mass without sparing women, children, or the elderly?

  28. I’m a little late reporting…

    I gave away 25 tracts for the month, a total of 16 out of 31 days.

    I also helped with my pastor’s halloween outreach, at which we gave out 248 bags of candy and tracts.

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