The Everyday Club Report: For October


Is making a commitment to share your faith everyday too extreme?

Some Occupiers who set up across from our evangelism corner on the campus of El Camino College thought our team was too extreme to show up once a week…chalk it up to blindness.

How’d you do this month? Post your totals in the comments section below.

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  1. Missed about 12 days. 8 of those days I was in SE Asia and not able to share. My goal is to hand at least 10 tracts a day or witness to one person and open air preach when I can. So far, for the month of November, I’ve met my goal. 🙂

  2. It’s been a great month. For both Columbus Day and Halloween, I hand out a tract that I wrote for each holiday. Sharing the gospel every day and preaching open air once/week. I’m up to II Samuel in the 66 day open air challenge. There’s a couple of people that go out with me and God answered our prayer for a Spanish speaking evangelist. My joy could not be more full! I may have missed a couple of days, but otherwise, things are moving so fast and the Day is approaching! Maranatha! Hosanna!

  3. Missed a number of days too; hoping Nov. will be a lot better!

  4. I had a better month. I only missed 3 or 4 days.

    During a Halloween event, I handed out tracts faster than at any other event ever.

    I also had the chance to do several one2one with telemarketers. This is how: I filled out form

    with my information to apply for a free pizza, that turned out to be not free, and a few minutes

    later all kinds of telemarketers started calling me 🙂

  5. Only missed 3 days in October. I handed out million dollar tracts to 237 people. My goal is to average 3 a day this year. So far I’ve averaged 3.8. I keep track by putting 10 in my shirt pocket and 10 in my wallet. Then I count at the end of the day. If I meet up with a Christian and give them a handful to give out, I only count that as 1. The Lord has blessed me with many opportunities, as I travel alot and meet people on airplanes, in hotels, restaurants. Get to give millions and share my faith all the time. A few weeks ago, I did an up and back to San Jose (I work in Irvine) and gave tracts & talked to almost 40 people! Praise God for Ray and Kirk and Pastor Steve!

    Pray for me as a person in my Bible Study suggested I start a blog about the experiences with the million dollar bills. I want to do this so pray for wisdom, guidance and doing it in the Lord’s strength.

    Pastor Steve, thank you for having this accountability. It’s very encouraging!

  6. This month I met my goal of handing out tracts. On Halloween my family and I handed out 700 tracts in less than 30 minutes! 🙂

  7. October was not a good month for me. Alot of important things (but not as important as evangelism) took my time. Hopefully, November will be better. It has started out better – my goal of at least 5 tracts per day.

  8. October was a pretty slow month for me I missed probably 3 days maybe more UNTIL the last day of the month when I had about 50 trick or treaters (or more) come to the door handing out candy and 10 Commandment coins!!! Praying for the seeds that were planted and watered! Also praying that November will be a more fruitful month and now with the CHRISTmas season on the way I know it will be!

  9. October was a good month for me with the opportunities to share the gospel and pass out tracts. It highlighted on October 31st when people from all over flocked to my house to get tracts…. over 200 in 3 hours… plus a little candy 🙂 Thank you Steve for your faithfulness

  10. October was a great month for me only missed couple of days. Thanks for the accountability and blog

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