The Everyday Club Report for May: Don’t Quit!


Mark this down on your hand or iPhone: In the course of sharing my faith for the last 6 1/2 years I have discovered this: It is easier not to share your faith everyday. It’s a struggle, a burden and a cross. If I stopped evangelizing for two days, three, or more, I would probably convince myself that I didn’t need to do it at all. In fact, I’d  be a lot more respectable in my community, in Christendom and beyond.

Heresy you say? I’m just echoing the sentiments of John Wesley who felt the same way. As an experiment he chose to not talk about the things of God for two days unless he felt like it. He learned 3 things:

1. “That I spoke to none at all for [eighty] miles together; no not even to him who traveled with me in the [carriage, except for a few words as we started out];

2. “That I had no cross to bear or to take up, and commonly, in an hour or two, fell fast asleep;

3. “That I had much respect shown me wherever I came, everyone behaving to me as to a civil, good-natured gentleman.”

My conclusion? I will not quit The Everyday Club. How about you?


The Everyday Club is an opportunity for you to make an evangelistic commitment and report on it twelve times a year. (Minimum commitment: Hand out one tract a day.) I post each report at the beginning of each month and send you an email reminder.) Wanna join? You can sign up by clicking here


  1. Praise God. About 1000 tracts passed out this month, one open air and talked to about 10 different people groups 1-2-1.

    Was witnessing to a group of teenagers when a young man drowned at our local beach. pray for teens and family of man who lost his life.

  2. I believe I did it in May and my goal is to share my faith everyday in June as well.

  3. I may stumble, but I will not quit.

    Missed my goal 6 days this month 🙁

    Total contacts: at least 200.

  4. Praise God! I open-air preached once! Thanks to God’s help, and the encouragement of Pastor Paul, I managed to go up on the box! I am so thankful to God that He didn’t quit on me. Lots of tracts given out and had 5 one2ones.

  5. My goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or have at least one daily 1-2-1 conversation and preach in the open air when I can.

    Here’s how I did:

    I missed one day.

    1590 tracts handed out.

    79 personal conversations, some in large groups.

    15 open air sessions

    1 inner air session (speaking in church).

  6. I handed out about 200 tracts, and had one one-to-one conversation. I also open air preached seven or eight times (all in the same evening).

    However, I did not meet my goal a majority of the month. 🙁

  7. I did better this month! 🙂 Tracts were passed out whenever I was out of the house … except a couple of times when I forgot. I did get in a couple of 1-2-1’s too.

    I am definitely increasing the number of tracts and 1-2-1’s this month … and hope to actually get an open air in there as well. Of course, it will be a little easier since I will be at the June Academy! See you there, Steve!!! 🙂

  8. Hey, May went really good! I have continued laying tracts out where ever I go. Handing out tracts as well. Praying for more zeal and boldness that I would grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus Christ and in doing so step out more for the Gospel! Praise God!!!

    -Thomas Moore

    P.S.—Powerful quotes about by John Wesley above! Very convicting, Holy Spirit lead all of us!!

  9. Missed 6 days in May

    About 550 tracts handed out

    About a dozen personal conversations

    One partial open air 🙂

  10. for the month of may God has been soooo gracious and always gives me some great opportunities to witness via…

    -displaying the Cross and 10 Commandments at local high school which involved more 1-2-1’s and tract distribution.
    -prayer table set up at local farmer’s market

    blessings brethern…don’t quit!

  11. I missed a few days, but more than met my goal on a few others.

    I didn’t quite meet my goal of 1 open air each week. I’m getting lazy! Must be time to attend another Academy. 🙂

  12. The Lord blessed me with opportunities for:

    2 open air sessions
    13 gospel conversations
    850 gospel tracts handed out

    Glory to God!

  13. Missed a day or two but still going strong, praise the Lord!

  14. Praise the Lord, I was able to go every single day of sharing my faith! I think I maybe missed two days without doing one on one but I passed out tracts those days! I went to several big events to share my faith with large groups of people! June is gonna be even more excited as I finally have a set personal goal, 1 one2one conversation or 10 tracts a day! and big evangelism events whenever possible!

  15. Our team is going to UC Irvine every Monday from 12:30 – 2:30 to hand out tracts and converse with the lost, walking and talking. When I read of Phillip the Evangelist and the Ethiopian Eunuch, I always picture Phillip running alongside the chariot and talking. This is what we do Monday afternoons; we walk with those who are willing on their way to their next class. In May, we distributed approximately 1500 tracts to UCI students and engaged in 50 conversations one on one. I’m blessed to be able to pass out tracts everyday and share my faith personally everyday. Today, I was able to share with a neighbor before I even left my house. The kid just needed to use my bicycle pump.

    Eric Stuckey

  16. Now that summer’s here I’ve been able to spend so much more time outside. We’ve found a fishing pond that quite literally has hundreds of fish all day. It’s a fisherman’s delight! 🙂

    I’ve been lax on my daily goals though and must get back to them! I’ll start today.

    Thanks for doing this Steve: I really really really appreciate your encouragement.


  17. Hi Steve,this is the fourth time I am trying to leave a reply. I don’t know why I am having so much trouble. Here goes:

    4 times at abortuary, with the cross, tracts, open air preaching and a new friend to read the Bible in public with me.

    Went to my town’s parade with tracts and the cross. It was great fun. Thank you Steve for all that you. God bless you brother.

  18. I fulfilled my commitment for the month. Fun now there is sun to talk the Son outdoors.

  19. The Amyloidosis Foundation estimates that approximately 3,000 people are diagnosed with amyloidosis each year in North America and that blood cancers overall have increased more than 40% in the last decade.

  20. I handed out at least 1 tract for 27 of 31 days of May. I also open-aired preach at the Hermosa Fiesta on 1 day.

  21. Thank the Lord I had many opportunities to preach the gospel with a fellow believer at a college and also hand out tracts!! I pray that I can become even more bold and that the Lord will be glorified by my life!!..Also I actually had a chance to listen to the don’t quit c.d., a friend gave it to me and it was so encouraging to keep pressing on toward the goal as paul did!!

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