The Everyday Club Report for May


Have you tried this while visiting the hospital?

I tipped these volunteers at Torrance Memorial a trillion dollars each while complimenting them on the fine job they were doing. These are my favorite gospel tracts, of course. I also like handing them to people in waiting rooms using this line, “Here, this will take care of your co-payment.”


Some helpful hints: Never open air preach in the Intensive Care Unit and forget about sharing your faith in the Maternity Ward; all those patients do is whine and cry. Such babies!

If you are still a participant in The Everyday Club, post how you did in the comments section.

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  1. It was good been able to give minimum of one track a day to more. Also one Saturday my 7 year old granddaughter and I gave out over 50 door hanger tracts at a apartment complex. God is good

  2. Missed 5 days this month. Open air preached 6 times, keeping up with the 66 day challenge on FB. Been leading a small home fellowship Sat. nights and our first outreach is 6/15 to feed the homeless, preach the Gospel, and share one to one. Mon. prayer meeting growing at the old church and looking forward to equip more laborers for the harvest fields. Jesus is coming quickly; are you ready? Every Knee…

  3. Missed around 7 days in May. I need a great big dose of absolution :<)

  4. I had a great month! I open air preached once. I probably missed my goals on about 6 days. I gave a Spanish tract to a Jehovah’s Witness today! I had at least 3 rejects. Two men that I talked to tried to reason with me that there was more than one way to Heaven. One of the highlights was when I talked to an eighteen year old named Michael. He admitted that he wasn’t going to Heaven after I took him through three commandments. Please pray for him!

    • Hi, Steve. I had a brain hiccup! The young man’s name was Chris, not Michael. Also, I gave two Hindu men the “Are You A Good Person?” tract! There names are Ravi and Suri. Thanks!

      • Hi, Steve. I had a brain hiccup! The young man’s name was Chris, not Michael. Also, I gave two Hindu men the “Are You A Good Person?” tract! Their names are Ravi and Suri. Thanks!

  5. I missed 2 days of my commitment of handing out tracts. I had several one2ones. I also had the opportunity of giving relatives The Biggest Question at my niece’s’ graduation

  6. I have carried the money tracts into doctors offices. My son tried to give one to the oral surgeon, but he refused to take it. I have had doctors notice the tracts though, and ask for them. I also brought in my ‘Evidence Bible’ to read in the waiting rooms and have had doctors and medical people comment on it (all good so far). One doctor even said that he wanted one, if I remember back correctly.

  7. May was a great month! It seems like every month I miss one to two days, but I keep pressing on in the power of the Holy Spirit! Also continue to go out weekly with the “Are You Ready?/John 3:36” cross and God is using that in powerful ways!! I can tell that satan hates the cross because it is the very symbol of his defeat and our victory because of Jesus’ death and resurrection!!! Praying for another great month of evangelism in the month of June!

  8. I like reading what others have been doing as they remain faithful to the “Everyday” commitment. Be encouraged, Jesus is working in us to perfect our faith. This month we met our goal of doing something evangelist everyday. We completed 29 days. Glory to God.

  9. As per usual, I missed 3 or 4 days. Ah, but this time, this time, things will be different.

    I’m 100% on track for June!

  10. Got at least one tract out every day. Shared the Gospel a number of times one on one. Was able to witnessing to a muslim man in Salt Lake City and buy him dinner. Went out door to door one morning and collected food that has been donated to disaster relief for the tornado in Moore, OK and shared the Gospel with a number of people one on one at their doors as well.

  11. Hello Pastor Steve, I had a very productive month in sharing both gospel tracts and the gospel. Some days I pass out several tracts and some days I don’t, but they average out to over 1 per day and some days I pass out some every day and more than one. So however it turns out, I am grateful for tracts and how they can minister long after we give them out. Thanks for your faithfulness Steve. P.S. Do you know if there are any tracts in German. I have a German foreign exchange student that went through out WOTM training and is now heading back to Germany and I thought I would give him some millions or trillions in German. Thanks, Dale

  12. I missed three days for the month of May, of handing out tracts and witnessing 1-2-1.

  13. I have been doing horribly keeping track of how I do each day. It is such an automatic thing that I give tracts out that I forget to keep track if I actually give them out each day – if I go out. If I don’t go out, then I can’t.
    I have open-air preached several times in the month of May.

    to God be the glory!

  14. By the grace of God, I did what seemed to be a successful one-2-one. You can see it here: I also met my goal of gospel tracts.

  15. I missed a few days with my tract goal but continue with our friday night outreach with 1 on 1’s

  16. Still going strong, thanks be to God!

  17. In May I missed handing out at least one tract on 2 days. However, I far exceeded my goal of averaging 5 tracts a day by averaging 7.1 for the month.

    Just a tip on how I count – I put 10 tracts in my pocket and then count how many I have left at the end of the day. If I use up the 10 or get close to it, I just keep adding 10 more. Of course, I use the million dollar tracts.

    Another encouragement – especially with the million dollar bills – you will never know until heaven how far they go. I gave one to a lady peddling the Southwest credit card in the San Jose terminal, and she said “Oh yes, one of my coleagues showed me one of thest”!! That happens to me all the time. I asked one coffee vendor in an airport one time “Do you still have that million I gave you” – he said “No, I gave it to a bartender – she wanted it”!!! Wow, God really uses these tracts!

    Check out my blog.

    Praise to the Lord and thanks for His sending all of you out into His harvest fields!

    Tom from Redlands

  18. Hi Steve, I am posting for April and May today because I missed last month’s post due to family illnesses. I missed 7 days for each Month. My wife has been keeping a yellow log notebook of every tract/witnessing day including how many tracts and a brief summary of where and who they were given to. This has been helping us stay on track with tracts!

    For April: I was able to give out/leave out LW Celebrity and Teen Million Dollar Bills at an outdoor festival. With a supermarket cashier, I offered her to choose if she wanted a Ticket to Heaven or a Lincoln Trillion bill (my favorite). She choose the Ticket and said: “Now I can be bad and it won’t matter!” I responded with: “Well make sure you read the back!” I ended with “Here have a trillion anyway!”.

    For May: I left a few LW The Wallet’s out on the sidewalk in front of the house and across the street on different sunny days. I love watching people’s reaction when they pick those up and believe they just hit the jackpot! On a lunch break at Wendy’s I was standing behind a guy with a tattoo of all the President’s and symbols that are printed on money. The tattoo had the words: “Root of all Evil” mixed into the artwork. So I gave him a Million Dollar Bill and said: “This money has the root of all good on the back”. At first he didn’t take it, but the guy next to us said: “I could use some of that!” So I gave him one and then the tattoo guy took one. My wife and I were also able to give her Grandmother a Big Money tract at the Hospital and we read it to her along with the book: “How to live forever without being religious” by Ray Comfort. She is very ill and was incapacitated with constant coughing. As we read the tract to her and witnessed, she stopped coughing and listened intently, which was a huge Blessing.

  19. I think I evangelized every day this month. Most days were from Gospel transitions of news stories, others were from handing out tracts. Hoping for a two month streak!

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