The Everyday Club Report: For July


It’s hard to keep commitments, but it’s character-building to do so. I sometimes don’t want to fulfill my goal of handing out ten tracts a day or witnessing to at least one person a day, yet I must trudge on. For example:

I was leaving work very late one evening, about 10 PM, and hadn’t shared my faith all day, so I was just going to just shine it on, blow it off. Fuhgetaboutit. Tomorrow’s a new day, I’ll just chalk up a zero for Wednesday, I thought.

Then came another thought: What if the ten Gospel tracts I hand out at this late hour causes all of them to repent and put their trust in Jesus ? Then another thought: What if those ten people were the only people in my entire evangelistic experience that end up in Heaven?

I pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store and made my goal.

Hey—just a thought…

The Everyday Club gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to whatever evangelistic goal that you have set for yourself, providing that it’s an everyday goal. Your goal can be to hand out one tract a day, or a thousand; it’s up to you! (You can join the 70+ others who have already signed up by clicking here!) 

Please welcome and pray for the 12
new members that just joined up!!!


  1. My goal: 10 tracts a day or one personalwitness and open air preach when I can.

    I missed one day.

    Tracts handed out: 1385+

    Personal witnessing: 29 people

    Open air preaching: 8 times to approx. to 225+ people

    Inner air (inside my church gospel message from pulpit): 4 times to ? people

  2. Praise be to God! July was another great month of evangelism!

    I’ve decided to modify my monthly goal. Up to July, my goal had been to distribute at least 10 gospel tracts and/or engage at least one person in conversation every day; and open-air preach whenever the opportunity presented itself.

    I’ve modified my goal in such a way that it is now represented by three words: Do Something Everyday!

    As I’ve shared previously, I have found that counting tracts and conversations is, for me, a temptation to pride myself in my activity. Even when I stopped reporting exact numbers, here, the idea of setting any kind of “numbers” goal was uncomfortable for me. Again, the reason is that part of my remaining sinful nature causes me, at times, to be performance-driven instead of obedience-driven and love-driven.

    So, I’ve modified my goal to simply do something evangelistic everyday of my life. Whether it’s one tract or a thousand; whether it’s one conversation or dozens; whether it’s reading a passage of Scripture in the open-air to a couple of people or preaching before crowds of hundreds; whether it’s sharing the gospel in response to an angry blog comment or making a YouTube video–my goal is to do something evangelistic everyday.

    I share this for the purpose of accountability–not to persuade or dissuade anyone to change their personal goals.

    In July:

    I believe I reached my goal everyday.

    Open-air preached in North Hollywood, Glendale, the Wilshire District; and on the subway platform at the Pershing Square Station. The open-air on the platform led to a mini-open-air on the train as someone who was on the platform had questions.

    Began something new: holding a 4′ cross on various street corners in my community. The cross has the words “ARE YOU READY” embossed on the horizontal beam. I’ve tried to spend 1-2 hours each day on a street corner in my community. The result has been a number of tracts distributed and several wonderful conversation with people who approached me and asked “Ready for what?”

    While I am not a “sign guy” per se, I have found that this has been an effective way to share the gospel in my community–a place where open-air preaching venues are very limited due to the “planned community” set up of my city. There are very few “public” places where people gather. Most gathering places are private property open to the public, which means free speech can be regulated.

    I continue to lead the Project Ezra effort, which encourages Christians to read the Scriptures in the open-air every weekend. My youngest daughter, Amanda (14) joined the Project Ezra team on Friday, by reading Romans 5 in the open-air, at the NoHo Metro Subway Station.

    I’ve noticed a spike in evangelistic zeal, from the leadership of my church. My pastor has started putting a gospel tract in the worship folder on Sunday morning, with an encouragement from the pulpit to give the tract to someone who needs to hear the gospel. This Sunday, my pastor saw to it that everyone who came to church received a copy of the “Why Christianity” DVD, from Living Waters. Three members of my church (including an elder and his wife) will attend the August Ambassadors’ Academy.

    Well, that’s a long enough report for this month. 🙂

    I wonder what the Lord will do today? 🙂

  3. In total:

    1 preaching engagement in a nursing home
    3 open air sessions
    7 personal witness
    820 tracts

    Would have had more in the gospel tract department but ran out before mid July and my new tracts were on back order until the end of the month. Nuts!

  4. My goal is one conversation per day. I missed 3 days. I wrote about my conversations for the other 28 days on my blog.

  5. My goal: 10 tracts a day or one personal witness and open air preach where ever I can.

    Open air: 15
    Number of Hearers: 680
    Number of Tracts: 2,215
    Number of Personal Witness: 50
    Number of days missed: 1

    Even the number of fish caught are recorded in the Bible.

    Happy fishing


  6. My goal: one tract or one-to-one a day. Stopped whining and did much better this month. Missed three days at the beginning of the month. Met or exceeded my goal the other days and mailed out about 100 “Dear Neighbor” letters.

  7. All I can say is: Praise God!

    Great job everybody!

    Please pray for the others who made a commitment months ago and haven’t returned. If I didn’t make a goal, I’m not sure that I’d be so determined to witness.

    If you need to make a modification of your goal, like Tony above, by all means do so.

    Spurgeon said, “Do something! Do something! Do something!”

    That’s in itself is a great goal!

  8. My son nearly died form Toxic Shock Syndrome this month. So much of my time was devoted to dealing with that.
    However, I have been witnessing to atheists one on one. Please pray especially for Ryk.

  9. Yikes! the first of the month already!? I am afraid I missed on my tract “goal” it seems I’ve handed them out daily… though I’ve not kept track. one to one witnessing, I’ve been “on course” with… i’ve witnessed personally to at least one person per week, and wanted to change that goal to 2 or 3 times a week. (if not more) haven’t OA’s yet (this month I will though.. ) 🙂

  10. New goal was to somehow share the Gospel at least once every single day and open-air preach at least once a week. Met both goals throughout July by the help of God. I also began taking an “Are You Ready?” cross to a busy intersection. This month, our church had our booth at a local festival which gave some great opportunities including giving an Obama Trillion tract to Dennis Kucinich – I tried to engage him in conversation, but he walked away when things turned spiritual.

    Tracts and one-to-ones (combined): 1,600+
    Open-air preached 6 times to over 200 people
    Rejected more than 200 times

  11. My goal: one tract handed or passed out per day, 1to1 and OA when opportunities arise. (pretty much “Do something every day”).

    It’s been a great month with lots of opportunities to pass out tracts and OA preach. I got my first honest-to-goodness heckler at the SJC train station. The evangelism team at my church continues to grow and my pastor has been a constant source of encouragement.

    I met my goal on all but 3 days.

    Glory to God!!

  12. It was a blessed month. Did 2 open airs. Passed out hundreds of tracts and had numerous one-to-one conversations. Missed the mark on two days this month with regards to the 3 tracts per day or 1 one-to-one. I have made a point of not counting the tracts I give out or the number of conversations I have during the month for the same reason Tony mentioned above, I just make note of when I haven’t made the goal. In fact I am on the “Do Something Envangelistic Everyday!” path myself. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have found that being commited to the everyday club has helped me be more aware and consistent about sharing my faith. Glory to God!

  13. My goal was 5 tracts a day.
    I missed 1 day with no tracts.
    Two days with less than 5 tracts.
    888 or so tracts total (raceway, fairs, festivals)
    At least 4-5 people 1on1
    Open air read Bible and/or preach 2 times.

    I think next time I won’t be able to know exactly how many tracts so I will just say 5+. I don’t always count out my tracts before I go and if I didn’t get the exact amount I wouldn’t know how to report it, so I will just say 5+ if I do what I have committed to plus whatever extra I may hand out. And like others I just want to get up everyday and know I will do my quota but pray about what else I can do too. This is a lot of fun and it is a great motivator. Thanks Steve. God bless you.

  14. I confess that I didn’t meet my daily goal for handing out 10 tracts / day for the last two weeks of July. Handed out 360 tracts this month with 200 of those being at a local event. Had 10, 1-2-1’s which is better than in previous months. My open-air seems to have slowed down because there was no one to go with me. Please pray that I would participate in Project Ezra even when there is no one to go with me.

    Twice this month I decided to pack my pocket with 20 tracts instead of the usual 10. Guess what? On those 2 days, I handed out 20 tracts. Hm. I wonder if I should change my daily goal. 🙂

  15. I agree the Everyday Club has help me be more focused on just that Every Day! For me for a while accountability needs to include keeping some numbers. Made my every day goal of something everyday.

    Tracts = 2550
    1-1 = 60
    Open Air = 4
    day missed = none

  16. i did something, but not everyday.

    passed out lots of tracts when i was out & about. the new MJ million dollars were a success. made it very easy to pass these out.

    i participated in lawman’s call to 1s John on the 4th of July. OA’d – x3, passed out the bulk of my tracts this day.

    1-2-1’s x4

    completed the WoTM basic training course with my Bible study.

    just “Go share your faith while you still can.” as stated on WoTM Minute.

  17. God has worked wonders for me this month. I have talked to so many people. The tracts are flying out also. I’m not into numbers. I don’t have a clue how many of each. I like Charles’ idea of ” DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING!” everyday for His glory. Then try to do a little more. God bless everyone.

  18. I read Tony Miano’s post about how he’s decided to go totally out and do some evangelizing everyday and not keep specific track of the numbers (Number of tracts handed out, number of Personal witnesses, number of times open-aired, number of people making a profession for Christ.)

    I can truly appreciate that and doing something is far better than sitting on one’s hands while people are dying and going to Hell. However, for me since I’ve been born again, again (for that last four years), and being a professing Christian, since 1979 and not caring if people perished, I do need to keep track of the work I’m doing as the Holy Spirit enables me.

    Because I’ve found (since learning how to share my faith Biblically), if I don’t keep tract I will stop doing ‘something’ for days at a time.

    I do not want to be legalistic or anything, for I know that God doesn’t need my service to accomplish his will. He can make rocks cry out in praise. For me the everyday club is a great way to hold my feet to the fire.


  19. I still pass out at least one tract or more a day for Gods glory, missed 2 days this year.

  20. My goal was to hand out at least one tract every time I am in public and to leave at least 5 lying around. After reading Tony’s comments, I think I am going to change my goal to “do something everyday” as well. After all, this is the “Everyday Club” and my goal wasn’t really attainable everyday for me!

    I missed my original goal many times in July. I have been extremely busy at work and we are getting ready for a new baby due any time now! For the last couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to get out on lunch to witness and haven’t had time at night. With the new goal, I should be able to find some way to fulfill it. Whether it is leaving a tract somewhere, handing out a tract or one to one witnessing, I should be able to do something every day!

    I will say that the Everyday Club has been a great encouragement for me. While I missed my goal this month, I have had more one on one encounters then ever before in a single month!

    Tracts Handed Out: 29+ (I didn’t keep track very well)
    1 on 1 Witnessing: 6

  21. Hi! I love you all!! xxooxxx
    Sorry for the late response! 🙁
    Last month I missed a day or two! 🙁
    This month..I’ve only missed one day of witnessing! Using tracts! I’m NOT discouraged! Praise God! 🙂 I’ll have a perfect month again! (distributing a tract/gospel or more each day of a given month) Pray for me! As God leads you! K?? 🙂
    Keep pressing on!!!!! 🙂
    Be encouraged! 🙂 Have a great summer!!!! 🙂

  22. Due to money being very short, I have not had the ability to get more tracts, so I felt like I was missing my sword and I did not do well. This might have been a good thing because I finally pulled my finger out (with the help of the Lord) and witnessed. It seems lame compared to the above, but I am working on it and yesterday I actually witnessed twice. Pray for me, that I would rely on his wisdom and strength and not mine!

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