The Everyday Club Report for January: Free “As you go” wristband


Well, the tallies are in. Many have committed to sharing their faith everyday  by joining The Everyday Club. (You can sign up, too, by clicking here.) Guess how many signed up for the 2012 Club?

Wait. Before I get to that, let me make you an offer you can refuse:

When you join The Everyday Club, in addition to getting 30 free Gospel tracts every month from the Bezeugen Tract Club, you will also get a free “As you go” wristband as a daily reminder to fulfill Christ’s Commandment to GO! That’s a $1.50 value!!! Click here to get the wristband.

Let them know you joined The Everyday Club when you sign up. (You can also enroll to get your 30 free monthly tracts there as well.)

How are you doing with your commitment so far this year? Report on your status in the comments below.

So….you wanna know how many signed up for 2012?

As of today, thirty.

What happened to the the other 150 or so who made a commitment in previous years? Maybe someone gave them one of these “GET OUT OF WITNESSING FREE” cards:


  1. Well January is over and it has been a slow month of witnessing. I guess I really have two goals: (1) is what I call 3-2-1 laying out 3 tracts for people to find, handing out 2 tracts to people and doing a one to one with a person at least each week (2) to hand out at least one tract a day. These goals are not so easy to fulfill in a very small town that I live in but I’m not giving up! I need to pray more and God is revealing many things to me on the issue of evangelism at this time. PTL!!!

  2. No car=no going downtown. Having to rely on putting tracts on the bus as I go to and from work everyday. Trusting the Lord with providing me a good automatic car a.s.a.p.

  3. My goal is to hand out at least ten tracts a day or have one personal conversation and open air preach when I can: I can’t believe I missed five days!!! ARGGGGHHHHH!

    Still, we hit the Tournament of Roses Parade, the MLK Jr. Parade and the Golden Dragon Parade in January where thousands of tracts were handed out.

  4. Wow, January came and went fast! Well my original goal was to hand out 25 tracts a day. I missed six days being able to hand out enough tracts. I also spoke 1-2-1 with many people thru the month.
    So I am going to change my goal to something evangelistic everyday, which will include handing out as many tracts I can, speaking one 2 one with people.

  5. Steve – I am sorry, I can not keep track of actually how many tracts I handed out during the month of January. We go to the West End DART (train/bus) station in Dallas every Monday. On a typical Monday we can have 10 conversations and hand out 200 or more tracts in an hour. We also go to one of the local malls every Tuesday and talk to a few people. A group of us went to the Cotton Bowl and handed out about 5,000 tracts, preached open air and talked on on one. But the real emphasis is “as you go”. And in that regard I know I’ve witnessed to at least one person every day during the month. I’ve got several hundred of the “as you go” wristbands. So I am praying that we get them all out to people who will commit to sharing the gospel EVERYDAY and “as you go”. Thanks for hosting this BLOG and reminding us…

  6. Missed my goal about 6 times.

  7. My goal is to share my faith everyday with at least one person one2one or 10 tracts a day. I think I missed this goal by 3 or 4 days. overall it was a good month and many people made true confessions of faith after understand the law and the gospel. Please continue to pray for my health as the attacks have been heavy and sometimes so strong that I have no energy to even leave the house. Praise God for his faithfulness!

  8. It was either feast or famine this month, but not as successful as I would have liked. Some days I gave out more and shared my faith and other days, unfortunately, I did not. Thanks for the constant encouragement, reminder and accountability. You are an example to follow

  9. As a homeschooling mom, my goal is to hand out 2 tracts every time I go out, do the good person test with telemarketing phone calls and 1 omegle per week.

    I handed out many tracts, some telemarketers did take the good person test and only 2 omegles, but I was able to have a few 1-2-1’s. It is very scary for me to approach people, but I PTL I did.
    The Way of the Master by Ray Comfort is also encouraging me to the Great Commission.

  10. Hey guys.
    Wow, 30 isn’t close to 150. Well anyways, 30 is better than 29 🙂

    I have handed out a least one tract per day and shared the gospel with several people here in Ventura. I will start doing a boot with water down the at the beach in Ventura every Saturday/Sunday and I’m excited to see what effect it will have!! Plus I desire to get on that box, I just got to do it!!


  11. My goal is to do 100 days of evangelistic outreach. Month I missed two days. Praise the Lord.

  12. Slow start 2the new year 20 tracts passed out and 2 1 to 1’s.

  13. I didn’t make my goal, I missed by a few days. I hope to make my goal this month. Please go to , or click my name to watch my little sister try to give Ray Comfort the Good Person test. 🙂

  14. My goal is to hand out at least 2 tracts every time we go out. I missed my goal by a few days. I hope to do better next time.

  15. Sorry, I thought I had already submitted my comments, but I guess it didn’t go through yesterday.

    My goal was to hand out 30 tracts per month. My new goal as of today is to hand out 60 tracts per month and do at least 2 one2ones per month. I found out that if my goal is low, I am not motivated to accomplish it.

    I am not sure if my met my goal because I was not counting. But I had at least 4 one2ones.

    Please click on my name to watch my little sister try to give Ray Comfort ‘the good person test’.

  16. I started the year committed to at least one one-one encounter per day. I’m handing out tracts everyday, but it’s a challenge to find a one-one conversation because I’m working out of the church. Open air preaching once/week, plus several team outreaches/month are helping the effort. I cannot say enough good things about the benefit of joining the tract club. It’s light accountability to stay on target daily so you can hand out one tract/day. My home church just named me the intern pastor of evangelism since it’s been one year of activity originating from the church. So, I’m asking my Father to turn on the gas so we can get going! See my blog at for good notes and tools for evangelism. No selling!

  17. I don’t think I completed my goal. I started out well, but stopped keeping track when my schedule became overwhelming. Hopefully, this month will be better!

  18. I missed my goal for Jan

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