The Everyday Club Report for February: Jenner of George Street2


Why should you join The Everyday Club? Watch the updated and revised version below of “I Got Off at George Street,” a video about a very committed man of God, Frank Jenner, who participated in an Everyday Club of his own and made a difference in thousands of lives.

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  1. I did not give away a tract everyday. However, for the first time, I met my new goal of the equivalent to that. I even exceeded it. I gave away 34 tracts.

  2. Hello again! the month of February was a little slower, I believe I missed at least two days sadly maybe three of hitting my goal (my goal is to get a tract out in some way everyday). I have been blessed to do witnessing during the week it is just hard some times to see it happen everyday, help me Holy Spirit! The month of March is going to be a lot better in the area of evangelism with a big St. Pat’s Parade I’m planning to go to and a jail ministry I am a part of also (I am the fill in guy for the jail ministry the month of March saw an opening come up). Keep on keeping on! God bless fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!!!

  3. The Lord blessed me with opportunities to hand out over 100 gospel tracts and provided many one-to-one gospel conversations for me to have with people…once even to a passenger on my bus route from the downtown core to the suburbs. Glory to God!

  4. My personal goal is to hand out at least 10 tracts a day or personally witness to one person and open air preach when I can.

    By the grace of God, I didn’t miss a day this month. (This hasn’t happened in awhile.)

    Here are my totals for February:

    79 1/2 personal witnessing encounters (a lot of them in groups)

    1,860 tracts personally handed out

    4 open air preaching opps

    7 inner air (teaching opportunities in church and a Christian school)

  5. For February I met my goal of 1 tract a day 19 of 28 days, and I attended the Transformed Conference for the 1st time.

  6. Ny goal is a one-to-one conversation every day. I missed two days.

  7. 250 Tracts handed out – 7 one to one’s and one indoor speaking event we had around 75 inmates at the service !

  8. I do not get to hand one out a day, but make up for it on days I go out during the weekend. With two warm weekend days, I opened air preached in the “Old City” in Knoxville. This is one of the many bar areas in Knoxville. I will do an update on March 1st even though it is early.(Mainly because it is also my birthday.) I did some evangelism on my birthday.(took the day off work.) One guy took four tracts from me(all different chick tract stories). The homeless love chick tracts….they dont really care much for the money tracts since they usually bum for money. The cartoons giving a bible lesson seem to have better response from the homeless community.

    One of the new chick tracts I have is called “going down?” It is a biblical response to Joel Osteen sidetracking the issue. The cartoon features a “Joel Osteen-like character.”

  9. Steve, could you make sure the videos don’t auto-play? It’s an internet pet peeve of mine. Just lucky the volume on this one wasn’t blaring.

  10. Greetings from the Philippines!

    My totals for the month of February:

    tracts: 171
    1-2-1: 0
    in air: 1 (a class of 57 college students)

    Glory to the Lamb!

  11. My everyday club goal for 2011 is to do something evangelistic to spread the good news everyday. It could be to pass out one or a hundred tracts; personnel witness the law and gospel to one or more persons; preach in the open air to 10 or 100 persons, scheduled or unscheduled, and to continue to preach at the Torrance Care Center (inner-air) bi-weekly as the Lord directs.

    Met my goal 26 out of 28 days.

  12. I missed my goal on about seven days in January.

    I missed my goal three or four days in February.

    The Lord has been very good to allow wonderful witnessing opportunities over the last two months.

  13. Great job everybody! As Spurgeon wrote: “Do something! Do something! Do something!”


    Yeah, sorry about the video. It’s from GodTube and it has an automatic play. You’ll just have to pause it. I don’t know how to fix it.

  14. Sorry for the late response, guys! My computer is in the process of blowing up…and it’s a Mac!:(

    Here are my seed sowing stats for February 2011:

    > Tracts passed: 250+
    > One to ones: 45 people (I missed a week of daily one to ones while on a family vacation
    > Open air sessions: 4

    For God’s glory,

  15. I did not meet my goal of one encounter of any kind per day. I missed 10 days. I am happy to report 2 open air’s and one in particular at an Ozzy Osbourne concert. My brother I went together and preached for about an hour, Praise God! And we met some other Biblical evangelists that were handing out Million dollar bill tracts and one to one witnessing. Through meeting these two men, we now have a relationship with a team of evangelists that we had no idea existed in Jacksonville fl!! Unbelievable how God works! These two evangelists came and stood with my brother and I as we preached. Truly encouraging and I am so humbled by our Great God!

  16. So Februray was horrible was for me, I missed my goal by six days due to being sick and wisdom teeth being pulled but Im back on Track. I passed out about 150 tracts, open air preached twice and got into 25 one2one conversations but im back on track for March! Thank you Jesus! I covet everyone’s prayers for school and my personal life and family! thank you!

    Galatians 6:9 Do not grow weary in doing good for in due season you will reap a harvest if you do not lose heart.

  17. I was able to hand out at least one tract per day, but am not keeping a numerical count. Our team is working weely at our church’s food bank where we hand out many tracts and have serveral one-one conversations. At our Valentine’s Day beach outreach, we distributed over 1000 tracts as a team, open-air preached, TEAM is the key word here. I hope and pray that you are discovering the value of teaming up with other Christians in these efforts. I am personally very blessed to have these soldiers standing by my side! Pray for this Saturday’s event: We’ll have our booth down there.

  18. For February I missed one day, the first day of the month no less. But on the 2nd day I was went to the bus transfer station and no one was taking tracts, but one.
    As I was leaving the station one of the ladies that didn’t take a tract was reading the one tract out loud to the one woman who took one and on top of that I noticed everyone else at the station was listening as well. God is truly awesome!!
    Handed out 187+ tracts.
    1-2-1’s, 5 people

  19. Missed my goal three days in February. Was so blessed to open air preach and pass out multiple tracts with my brother at the Ozzy Ozborne concert in Jacksonville in February (refer to above post by Adam Collins for details on event). God is so good. He never ceases to amaze me! I am so humbled by His greatness.

    I am eager to see a harvest!

  20. I have a goal of passing out 2 tracks per day and have 2 one-to-one conversations. I passed out a total of 39 tracks and had 1 one-to-one conversation.

    What was neat is that I met with some guys from my church for fellowship. I handed each of them a track, and while out someone tried to sell us some stuff on top of Stone Mountain, and one of the guys gave the guy a track and started witnessing to him. That was great!

  21. I met my goal on passing out tracts.
    I missed my witnessing goal by 1 one2one encounter.

  22. I changed my goal to and average of one tract a day, and 4 one2ones every month.
    I met my goal on both.

  23. I passed out 34 tracts this month.

  24. I missed my goal 3 days in February.

    The other 25 days about 200 tracts.

  25. My daily goal is to evangelise everyday, either pass out a tract, have a 1-2-1 conversation or open air preach.

    In February, by God’s Grace I was able to do something everyday. He opened the door for weekly Evangelism at a local DMV and sent 2 faithful brothers and we will be going together.

    I pass out tracts at The Post Office, Grocery Store, Malls, etc… The Everyday Club and Bezeugen Ministries have helped and encouraged me and my family.

    Last month we joined Hope Chapel and when to a Vietnamese Tet Festival where we passed out tracts and had many fruitful conversations. My sons and I also went to LAX with Hope Chapel and walked all the terminals, passing out tracts and some divine appointments. My Wife and I were in Seattle for our Anniversary and had a chance to Witness and Pass out tracts there and in Victoria, BC.

    Revelation 4:11 Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.

  26. Met my goal everyday in February! Thank You, Lord!!

  27. I improved vastly over Jan and only missed a few days. I was also blessed with a 1 on 1 with a gentleman I have been praying for, for 2 years for his salvation. He sent me an email later saying he has really been thinking about the things I said.

  28. I thought I had tracked my witnessing each day in February, but my notes end on the 10th. Anyway, here is what I have…

    1 – Snowed in. Used Omegle to share the Gospel.
    2 – Pen at Starbucks
    Pen at Office Max
    3 – Tracts in the literature holder
    Tracts in the table
    4 – handed out tracts at the restaurant and Target store
    5 – Super Bowl Outreach. Preached in open air. Shared Gospel on DART
    6 – Super Bowl –
    7 – Preached at the DART. Handed out tracts.
    8 – Did not leave home. But got to share the Gospel on Facebook.
    9 – shared the gospel with a guy on omegle. Very receptive..
    10 – handed out about 10 tracts at CostCo. Gave one to the lady at the dry cleaners. Shared the Gospel with three people on Omegle

    I did hand out a tract or share the Gospel in some way each day.

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