The Everyday Club Report: For August


Wow! Another month has passed… so how did you do in achieving your evangelistic goal? Are you still in the Club? I hope so. Out of the eighty or so who have signed up since this accountability group started, less than twenty-five are still tallying their totals.

I’m saddened by that fact.

Most of us are familiar with Bill Bright’s quote, he being the late founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, that only 2% of Christians share their faith. I think he may be exaggerating. I like his other quote in referring to the Modern Church: “We need a bombshell dropped on the Laodicean church of today.”

Has your fire gone out? Have you inadvertantly let your commitment to share your faith everyday lapse? Start afresh today. Leave your totals (or excuses) in the comments section below.

As an extra bonus, The Way of the Master will send a free Season 3 Video series to the person who gets the most rejections between now and September 10. Just count the tracts you give out, keep a count of the rejections, and then work out the percentage of rejections. Send your statistics along with your name and address to:

The Everyday Club gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable to whatever evangelistic goal that you have set for yourself, providing that it’s an everyday goal. Your goal can be to hand out one tract a day, or a thousand; it’s up to you! (You can join the 80+ others who have already signed up by clicking here!) 


  1. My goal: Hand out at least 10 tracts a day or one 1-2-1 conversation and open air preach when I can. Here’s how I did:

    I did not miss one day in August.

    2540+ tracts handed out.

    47 people heard the gospel 1-2-1

    21 open air sessions, including stop light preaching to approx. 750 people (maybe more, maybe less)

    5 inner air sessions. (I gave the gospel at a funeral and at 4 services at my church.)

  2. Goal was 10 tracts a day or one 1-2-1 conversation sharing the Gospel.

    I have stayed about the same handing out about 100 tracts and a few conversations, but not my 10 a day or One 1-2-1 a day. I desire to do better this month and get much closer to my goal.

    Thanks for the accountability and the reproof Steve. Keep up the faithful work!

  3. Goal: 1 tract per day and 1to1 and OA whenever opportunities arise. (Do something!)

    Result: OA’d ~5 times and met tract goal but missed about 10 days this month.

    Thanks for the accountability as well. I LOVE the everyday club and think it’s a great idea.


  4. I give out on a non evangelism walk(post office and maybe a cashier at a gas station or fast food=5) On a regular evangelism walk(Wed night-friday night=35) Saturday is the biggie=around 50-125…pending how many i put on cars on parking lots at the bars before I get ran out by the bouncers…hee hee hee.

  5. I back-slide this month. Missed 8 days.
    Approx numbers:
    Handed out 1250 tracts
    30 1-2-1 conversations
    Open Air twice
    Inner Air – gave the gospel at 2 Convalescent Homes

    Thanks for the accountability. I’m definitely convicted, and repent. Vow to be more consistent in Sept.

  6. I failed miserably this month, but I won’t leave any excuses. I will try to do better next month.

  7. Met goal every day for August.

    In total:
    -Tracts & 1-2-1 = 97
    -“Inner air” = 2x to over 60 people
    -Open-air = 7x to over 350 people

  8. I’m still chugging along with you Steve. I have been off and on with my daily goals. I will look to correct that for September. The weekly fishing outings have been outstanding. Lots of tracts and conversations. Gave out at least 700 tracts (I don’t count). Talked to people 1-2-1, as many as I can real in. I really don’t know. Open aired three times. I hope that the Academy was awesome.
    God Bless,

  9. here goes…

    tried to take the WoTM lessons to a nearby church. had the meeting w/a leader of the church overseeing lifegroups and who stated he had a “heart for evangelism”. the bottom line…he didn’t like that Ray/Kirk only addressed eternity and not what “life abundant” means here on earth. so as not to bore you with the details, God was with my words every step of the way. because of Him, i was bold and confident in my presentation of the lessons. nevertheless, the answer was…”not at this time. I’m trying to teach the Gospel in the sense that we are to live an abundant life this side of heaven”. GRRRRRRRRR!!!

    a very bumpy month of august. nevertheless, i did the following:

    tracts- several packs
    1-2-1’s, in addition to using a “celebrity tract” board — several people/few kids/teens.

    pray with me please… “Father, I pray for a more fruitful month of “Tishri”. also, i ask for boldness for my two younger sons as i take them out evangelizing the local HS & Jr. High students. Amen!” thank u!

  10. Steve, I have been busy. Started a “Sermon on the Mount” outreach at church. Had 26 people sign up to read Matthew 5,6 and 7 in public. Created a web site for the evangelism team at my church. I spent each Monday night at the Youth Detention Center talking one-to-one with Eric. I read the “Sermon on the Mount” in 2 public places myself. Did not do any open air. Handed out some tracts and dropped some tracts. Checked out a possible location to do do open-air.

    But I missed my goals. Time to re-evaluate my goals. Thanks for your encouragement.

  11. My goal is at least one conversation each day. I missed two days this month. I wrote about the other 29 days on my Everyday Club blog and made a few video’s also. The Everyday club is such a great idea. We need to find ways to get the word out!

  12. I don’t set any goals, I try to share as much as I can with my customers, and as often with the people,I meet on a daily basis…
    Tracts may-be 100-200 per month.
    partial one to ones, not a lot, but I try to share constantly…
    rejections, because it’s money, very few,
    I went to a out law biker get- together, The Lord gave me a very un-usual boost of courage to pass out tracts to most of the patch holders, every body loved the millions and trillions but I went to another biker run and they hated the obama tracts, go figure…
    We go to the medical offices, and the kids that work there, love the obama tracts…
    We like the trillions but could someone get a choice of pictures…

  13. My Goals:
    To distribute 10 tracts a day or have one conversation a day: I missed 9 days.
    To pray for those I witness to: I need to remember names better…
    To encourage other Christians to VERBALLY share their faith: Good progress so far.

    I distributed about 1500 tracts and had about 7 conversations… in 4 different states! (I love vacations…)

    Soli Deo Gloria

  14. Thank you for posting your comments to the Everyday Club. I’m encouraged by your sincere wish to GO.

    The word club makes it sound so much like fun and it really is once I get going.

    I believe that this club is stationed at the very gates of Hell. And it is our ernest desire that every hand that gets a tract, every person witnessed too and every ear that hears will be saved.

    This was the first month in which I was able to reach my goal of handing out at least ten tracts a day or witnessing to one person every day.

    Handed out 1770 tracts; had 40 one 2 one’s; preached the Law and Gospel 16 times; and there were approx. 855 hearers.

    Check out what we did at the DMV:

    720 tracts; preached 18; there were 665 hearers; and passed out 43 bibles or gospels of John. (thank you Rachel and Steve for your faithfulness) I like what the faithful have said about those who preached the Law and Gospel, “There can be no higher calling upon a man or women than to seek and save that which was lost.”

    Today we passed out 20 tracts and had two rejections. Can’t wait to get the season 3 series from Way of the Master!! I’ll be at the Labor day booth this weekend and If I don’t speak to you it’s because I’m passing out tracts and counting my rejections…I’ll be there Sat. Sun. and Monday. And don’t run in front of me.


  15. The Lord blessed me with these opportunities over the month of August:

    Open Air: 5
    One to one: 7
    Gospel tracts: 945

    Oh, look! Here comes September! 🙂

  16. Ok Steve I’m in this and here is the result:

    2 days – 0 tracts, nothing (booo!)
    1 day – 4 tracts (a booo not as loud!)
    6 days – Open air read Bible and preach on the box
    13 separate – 1on1’s (BIG YEA!!!!!!) with about 30 people listening all together

    29 days – gave out 5+ tracts which is my goal but on most of those days I gave out more:

    I went to Crosby, Stills and Nash concert to hand out tracts
    Went to Alice Cooper Concert to hand out tracts
    Went to “Warsaw Days” to hand out tracts
    Went to Harry Potter movie to hand out tracts
    Went to Beach Boys concert to hand out tracts and got myself kicked out – so the next Tuesday I went to their board meeting to appeal to them and ended up reading them a gospel tract – the same one I tried to hand out at the concert.

    Went to the American Legion minutes before they started their Bingo night and gave out lots of tracts in there.

    I have lots of fun handing out tracts. I act like I am supposed to be there, and they take my MDB like their tickets. And a couple of times they thought they were needed to get in.

    I never went “in” to the concerts or movies but it brings me great satisfaction to go to those places and hand them out.

    I also gave away 2 Bibles, which I am almost embarassed to say since Tony Miano gets them by the hundreds. Now that’s positive thinking. Maybe if I ordered them by the hundreds I would give more away. My measley 2 Bibles that I order each time, are not easy to give away. Maybe deep inside I am thinking I better not give them away because then I won’t have anymore. I think it’s a mind thing. I think I’ll order more.

    I am having so much fun being in this club even though sometimes it takes more time than I have. But really what’s 5 tracts a day? not much, I can do this.

    I am however going to try to keep track of how many I actually give away. I wonder how other people keep track.

    Thanks for the club Steve. God bless you.

  17. Honestly, I don’t really remember what I did this month. I know I didn’t meet my do something everyday goal though. It was a month of getting ready, false labors, late nights and then my wife pushed out another future evangelist! Praise God for a healthy new baby boy!!

    While I know I missed my goal for August, don’t worry, I am determined to be back on track this month (with God’s help). Plus my wife and I will be raising another little evangelist. Now I have four little arrows to train in love for God and His Word and then fire them off into a lost and fallen world.

    **** Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward. As arrows [are] in the hand of a mighty man; so [are] children of the youth. Happy [is] the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. (Psa 127:3-5 KJV) ****

    Another major event for the month was I test fired two of my arrows. My 4 and 6 year old passed out tracts for the first time!!

    The only stats I can remember are from the fair…
    Tracts passed out: 40+
    1 to 1 Witnessing: 3

  18. Today(Sept. 2) left 5 tracts at the post office on the counters and on the pay phone. After church went to the downtown college strip(food and bar area) and gave away 7 more tracts with no rejects.

    P.S. last week I filled the yellow pages of the phone book at the post office with at least 35 tracts. especially in the abortion services and the escort services pages.

  19. Not sure on how many tracts I handed out… not keeping count. I had 3 conversations not counting AA12

    I did open air for the first time during AA12 (but not the last time) wanted to state new goals..

    tract daily – since I don’t keep count i wont give an amount.
    OA – at least 2 -3 times a month (more if possible)
    1-2-1’s as often as possible… like to have 2-3 a week if not more.

    God Bless was a pleasure to meet you at the Academy!!

  20. I didn’t keep track this month but I know for sure that I didn’t do anything near my goals. Got a little off track but am back on for September.

  21. Sept. 3rd. At a lunch meeting at a Charley’s I left one million dollar tract with the waitress. Whoot.

  22. Though we don’t keep a precise count, Amy and I probably gave out a couple dozen tracts in August. We really need to take time for conversations though. That’s the hard part for us.

  23. Hi! I distributed tracts every day for most of the month of August! Not perfect though!! 🙁 In September… I’ve missed one day so far! 🙁 I’m aiming for perfect months! At least one tract a day distributed! 🙂
    I’m not discouraged! It WILL happen! In Jesus’ name!! Praise God!!! 🙂
    Pray for me! Wisdom! Health! However God leads you! K?? 🙂
    Have a great Labor Day Weekend! I love you all! xxxooxx Be Safe!!! 🙂
    Keep Pressing On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Haiti and the DR 4 Jesus,Craig

  24. Goal : 5 tracts a day or 1 1-2-1 conversation

    Missed one day 🙁

    OAP’d 2 times 🙂

  25. For Sept. 4th at Market Square with about five guys working the crowd on the First Friday(an artsy day of painters and musicians about)
    I handed about 50 tracts.(only about 10 rejects.) Then afterwards I went to Waffle House and gave a paying customer a million dollar bill(i purposefully sat in the high chair next to the register.) Then along with my generous tip, I also had the million dollar tract underneath the big bill for the waitress.

  26. Sept. 5.

    I went with a group of men to the pregame football “Vol Walk” at University of Tennessee. I handed out around 300 tracks with about 80 rejects. Cool.

  27. It was a blessed month. Did not miss a day. Gave out a lot of tracts(somewhere between 500 and 1000) I really don’t keep track. Had more 1-2-1 conversations than I ever had, sometimes several a day just in the course of an ordinary business day. Open aired twice. This month I am adding reading scripture in public each week with Project Ezra.
    Praise God! The glory is all His!

  28. I went out for the post game drinking parties on the University of Tennessee Bar and eating strip. Here are the new totals for the day, Steve.

    Tracts for both pre and post Volunteer football game…which we won by the way…475 handed out Rejected 100.

  29. I think we need to set a goal for ourselves to try and witness to people who we can follow up with and disciple. The command was to go and make disciples. I think many times we get enough courage to hand out a bunch of tracts and think our job was done and we forget about the people who we shared with. I know that God saves but He has commanded us to make disciples. That means to train people in the Word and teach them how to live the christian life. Its great to pass out a bunch of tracts but I would like to hea some stories of how someone diligently persued someone and taught them what it was to be like Christ. I personnally have experienced this recently. I had been witnessing to a co-worker kid that was really messed up. I haved shared WOTM with him countless times. But I didn’t see any results until I spent my personal time helping him fix his messes in life. Through out this process of caring for him and showing him the love of Christ, he is finally coming around to the things of God. He is repenting of known sins and is getting stronger in his faith. I wonder where he would be if I would have taken the path of “Ok I shared now its up to God”. Just something to think about guys…..”Go and makes DISCIPLES”………..not “make converts so someone else can hopefully disciple them”………………

  30. discipleship is wonderful. However, many of the thousands we encounter we may never see again, you ride on a plane to a destination and the person you sit next to may live in another state. Remember in Scripture some planted, others watered, and God does the growing. It would be wonderful if every person we shared the Gospel would be discipled. Remember also in Scripture Philip and the Eunich. After Philip led the Eunich to Christ and Baptized him, immediately Philip was raptured and transported to another location by the Lord. So the discipleship did not occur atleast from what we know in Scripture.
    So do you believe when billy graham preaches and leads thousands to Jesus he should personally disciple to each convert continually. By no means. That would be ludicrous and humanly impossible to do. This is why God gives every believer coming into contact with a nonbeliever to have an opportunity to minister to the individual.

  31. Ok we have an event in Knoxville, TN the Sunday before Labor day. Its called boomsday. A Fair and Honkin huge firework display.(Ive been told its the biggest firework display in the nation during labor day weekend.) I helped hand out some tracts and the count was around 400 with about 150 rejects.

    This also was a special day because this was the first time this summer I was able to almost go through the million dollar question with some jr. high kids. Granted, I did not do it perfectly as Steve S. or Ray Comfort. Yet, I know it was not in my power or persuasiveness or lack thereof, but the Holy Spirit gave me the boldness to go beyond just handing out the tract with a quick phrase like, God bless or Who wants to be a millionaire?
    My Way of the Master teacher, Tim Weakley(not weak by any means) continually disciples me and gives me pack after pack of million dollar bills after I ran out of my supply. I am thankful to the Lord for sending Tim to me to help cultivate the evangelist in me via the Great Commission.

  32. I would just hope that most who are witnessing, would be discipling someone somewhere. I think many think the shotgun method is enough and they forget about the one on one discipleship that Jesus commands us to do.

  33. I missed your email, but it has been the best month for me yet with 4 1-2-1 conversations, but no tracts as I still waiting for the pay check. Having no tracts has put me in the position of not hiding behind the tract and talking more with the person. All praise belongs to the Lord! Praying for you all aswell!
    I finally met someone else that wears a christian tee shirt in public.

  34. Goal: one tract or 1-2-1 per day. Missed about 10 days in August, but I really appreciate the accountability. Encouraging to know that even Spurgeon and Sanchez occasionally forget.

  35. I have not done a good job of tracking my efforts. Your article about Moody has challenged me to reexamine my goals. Will report back

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