The Everyday Club Report for April: Nee’s Commitment


Regardless of what you think of  the theology of Watchman Nee (1903 – 1972), he was a dedicated evangelist who committed himself to sharing his faith daily to reach the Chinese people in the first half of the 20th century.

Before he was saved, he called preaching “the most despised and base of all occupations.” After he became born again, he made a decision to “give Christ all of my life, all of my loyalty, and my love.” His life-long motto was: “I want nothing for myself; I want everything for the Lord.”

He so lived this commitment he believed others should as well, reminding them of their responsibility: “Because you are not witnessing, many have not heard the Gospel. They will be eternally separated from God. What a consequence of our apathy!”

The same apathy holds true today. According to

80 percent of those who attend church one or more times a month, believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith, but 61 percent have not told another person about how to become a Christian in the previous six months.

This was Watchman Nee’s encouragement to those who were lazy about sharing Jesus in his day, and it serves to encourage us as well: “This is my challenge to you. Witness to at least one person a day. Witness to whomever you meet. It is time to put feet to our faith.”

Please tell us how you well you did in following through with your daily commitment in April by posting in the comments below. (Read about D. L. Moody’s daily commitment to evangelize by clicking here.

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*Nee quotes from: “The One Year Book of Christian History”


  1. I was released by the church upon a change of leadership at the beginning of March. Since then we have established a fellowship on Saturday nights to pray, study and plan. I may have missed a few days but still make it a habit to hand out tracts every day. Open air preached 5 times in April and discipling others to do the same. All praise belongs to God Who has qualified me for the ministry of reconciliation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  2. I think I was a few days off the goal for the month. Hopefully, next month will be 31 days filled with evangelism.

  3. I wonder if people that are Christians don’t evangelize more because they don’t know how. Perhaps they don’t even really know how to communicate about things or maybe they just don’t know how to bring in the subject of the Gospel when it is so distant from the conversation they are having.
    I am happy though that there are courses and books, plus good training available today, that wasn’t available years ago. I also think that if discipleship were taking place correctly in the churches, there might be more evangelism going on. I think Christians today seem to have compartmentalized lives. Somehow, the life that we have when we are walking with God should be integrated in everything we do. If that were the case, evangelism would seem like a natural part of our lives, and I think that is the way it is supposed to be.

  4. I’m on “track” for May but missed 7 or 8 days in April due to illness :<(

  5. I missed 3 or 4 days last month in my commitment to hand out 10 tracts a day, or share one to one and preach in the open air when possible. But! As of today, I’m 100% on track for May!

  6. Hello Pastor Steve, I was able to share my faith with several different people over the last month. From planned outings to unplanned encounters, it was a very productive month. I handed out about 75 tracts and ordered some of the new larger millions. Thanks again for all you do in sharing and caring.

  7. 100% is not what we were able to do in April as we missed one day. Our Everyday commitment is to do something evangelist.

    To the Glory of God and his coming Kingdom that will last forever.

  8. I had a lot more hits than misses in the month of April! Been going out at least once a week with the “Are You Ready?/John 3:36” cross and I have been handing out more trillion dollar bills at work! So far for May I think I have missed just one day, so I pray now that the rest of May would find me becoming bolder and bolder in Him and to not miss a day to do something in declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

    • One thing I thought of that I”m trying to make a habit of doing evangelistic wise is when going into a store or coming out of a store to have tracts ready in my hand to hand out. This is actually been a hard habit for me to make stick but I will not give up in Jesus name!

  9. Hi, Steve! I missed my goals on 3 or 4 days. I had great conversations and some divine appointments. On one of my lunch breaks, I went to the local Walmart. I was getting some millions out of the hatch of our van when I heard a woman yell “Hey, million dollar man!” I had the millions in my hand when I asked her “How did you know?”. She wasn’t saying that to me! She was sayin that to her co-worker as they were going back to work doing inventory at Walmart! I was there at the perfect time! I gave a million to her and the two others that were with her!

  10. sorry Steve for getting my report in late. I had a good month and have had several one on one’s and am leading a evngelism class at church that is going well. Kevin

  11. I think this is a great goal, but I don’t seem to have that opportunity every day. Some days I go to the store, but encounter no one in the parking lot. Some days are different though, and I am able to give out many tracts. Not many doors have opened up this week, but maybe next week or month it will be better.

  12. On an interesting note, I have been able to make friends with people who we hire to do things in our home. We have a company that does our bug control, and there are/were about 4 guys that worked there that were Christians. At different times, they came to our house and we have had great conversations. Of course, I encourage them to evangelize. One of them may come to our church. He goes to a church now where he has good relationships, but wants to be part of a church like I attend. Our piano tuner is a Christian too, and when he comes over we have a time of fellowship as well. Occasionally, if I know a person is coming to do some kind of work in our home, and if I don’t know him or her, I have baked cookies and then give them a tract when they leave. Also, I have had people tell me that they know me from somewhere. One person thought I might have been his teacher. Hmm. I wonder if maybe that person was one I got to share the Gospel with prior to that day.

  13. One other thing I was thinking about recently: I have toys imprinted with Bible verses/Gospel messages/web page urls, and give them out at appropriate times. I have been giving them out at Halloween for about 4 years or so. A couple of years ago, two girls were looking through the box of toys. One kept saying something about a million dollar bill with Justin Bieber’s picture on it. She claimed she got one from our house. I remembered that I had the celebrity dollar bill tracts so it probably came from that. While they were discussing this, one of the girls said, ‘Oh I know, this is the God house!’ like she just remembered that this was the house with the imprinted toys. This past Halloween, I think I saw these girls again. I thought I heard one of them say, ‘Oh, I love this house”. Also, a lady on the other side of the subdivision was trying to locate where my house was one day as I was talking with her. When she realized which one it was, she related it as the one that gives out Christian literature.
    I hope that people will become acquainted with me and would feel comfortable asking questions or even prayer requests. That could open up a door to present the Gospel which would be cool.

  14. I am excited for nice weather and Front St mall to begin this mont = lots of oppportunity to share the Gospel. Hopefully, God will use my minute attempts.

  15. Still going strong! Setting a goal of at least one Gospel conversation a day has been probably the biggest step of maturity in my Christian walk – thanks be to God!

  16. Hello Steve,
    I missed six or seven days.

  17. I missed 2 days in April. Also, I averaged 3.9 tracts a day, and I like to average 5. It’s a lot harder, now that I’m not travelling any more. Many fewer opportunities – no more planes, airports, hotels, restaurants. No excuses though, I’m shooting for averaging 5 again this month. I need also to be more intentional about conversations & not just handing out tracts. Thank you, Pastor Steve, for keeping up this accountability group.


  18. I am happy to report that I only missed 3 days of my goal of handing out tracts.
    I also had the opportunity to have a few one2ones.

  19. I have reached my goal of doing at least 2 one-2-one’s.
    I also have passed out 20 of my new tracts for kids. You can download at my blog:

    Kids like them!

  20. First, I don’t count how many tract I give out or how many people I preach to. I also try online evangelism on Facebook and other platforms. I can’t tell how many days I have missed because I have lost count. I had the goal of sharing the Gospel with 20013/20130 souls this year. I had already crossed about 120 before I lost the paper I used for counting. I started allover but I seems like I am focusing on the quantity of what I bring to Christ and not its quality. It looks like I am making a ocean as wide as Africa, Asia, and Europe combined but whose depth is not even up to 3cm.
    Well I have been inspired by the work that God’s children are doing here and I pray God will give me the grace to win more souls to him EVERYDAY.

  21. I not really familiar with Watchman Née, but I found his works on this site,

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