The Everyday Club: Joe Montegna Gets a Tract!


It’s that time again to report in for how you did in November. If you haven’t joined The Everyday Club yet, please consider doing so. You can sign up by clicking here.

It’s parade season! Parades give you the opportunity to hand out Gospel tracts to celebrities and dignitaries alike. I handed a Giant Money Tract to Joe Montegna at the 2012 Hollywood Christmas Parade. You never know how a celebrity will respond when reading the Gospel message. He may believe and use his influence to convince the world of the truth of Christ.

Read an important article I wrote called “The 12 Step Program for Parades” so that you will know how to make the best of these opportunities.


  1. I met my goal of handing out ten tracts a day or having a one to one conversation and open air preaching when I can…except for one or two days.

  2. I still believe setting this goal has been one of the best steps of my Christian life! I had good witnessing conversations on all but two days in November, and continue to blog about my conversations about every other day. Jeff

  3. I missed 3 days – each of those days I didn’t leave the house – 2 I was sick and the other was Thanksgiving when we had family over. I handed out or left somewhere 195 times in November. I need to be better on conversations. I’d say i had about 5 in November.

    Pastor Steve – thank you for keeping this up!

    Tom in Redlands, CA

  4. Missed some days in Nov. but I’m on track for a perfect month starting today!
    Bob, Amy and I hit the Hermosa Pier with the “good news of the gospel!”

  5. Oh, yeah, I’m still in! Although I did miss three days of handing out tracts in November.
    For Black Friday my wife and I went out at night to the crowds standing in the lines and handed out about five hundred tracts in three different cities near us.

  6. My brother and I cut a cross out of plywood and printed EVERY KNEE across the front and we’ve taken it out twice in November. Overall very consistent with the tracts and witnessing almost every day. Preached 6 times open air and twice at the local mission. Glory to God!

  7. I was 7 days short of making my everyday club goal of doing something evangelistic, handing out a tract, witnessing 1-2-1, preaching in the open-air.

  8. Overall November was a good month! It seems every month I miss one or two days at some point sadly. December I believe will be a very good month now that we have entered the greatest time for preaching the gospel! I’m praying for big things evangelistically and all it will take are those small mustard seeds of faith to step out, trust God and do it!!!

    • I was just thinking since I wrote my post for this month what my original commitment was for the year of 2012. I believe originally it was what I call 3-2-1 (hand out three tracts a day, talk to two people one-to-one a day, and open air preach once a day). I have since changed that commitment because of where I live it is not possible for me to accomplish this daily, though weekly I have been going to a specific place to do evangelism (Wal-Mart). My new commitment became getting a gospel tract out everyday in someway and most of the time it has been placing a tract in a strategic place for a person to find. I pray that the upcoming year of 2013 finds me doing more in the area specifically of handing out tracts and doing one-to-one’s more often. Also I am in the process of getting an “Are You Ready” cross made to do something close to open air preaching in a bigger town near by. All for His glory!!!

      • @Thomas, did you put up a table at WalMart to evangelize, I tried to do that, but haven’t been able to get a permit yet.

      • @Alvarez, no I haven’t I’ve just been going to Wal-Mart and placing tracts in certain spots around the store. Placing tracts in the beer and soda carriers and I have handed out tracts and done a one-to-one as well while there. I once looked into setting up a table at the local mall in my old town but the cost to do it was outrageous. But that might be something I might look into now to do at the Wal-Mart I go to, thanks for the idea!

      • @Thomas, look into getting a permit at a local community college. Pastor Steve advised us on how to do it.
        That permit was really easy to get. All we did was contact them and told them that we wanted to set up a table to distribute tracts at their “free speech area.”

  9. Hey Guys
    I admit that I’ve been terrible bad reporting the last couple of months. My family and I just moved to Denmark, so we have been (TOO) busy during this period. Nevertheless, we have been able to hand out many tracts and share the gospel with people as well 🙂


  10. What I found most interesting is the headline on the building display: “China announced Sunday that it had landed a fighter jet on the deck of an aircraft carrier for the first time”

    Now that is interesting that they just *now* pulled that off. But that they are close to becoming a major naval power with the ability to project force anywhere on the globe is even more interesting.

  11. I did not do well at all at handing out tracts, but I was able to do many

    one2ones last month, many more than my goal for the month.

  12. This month I have failed my goal on 1-2-1’s. However, I met my goal on handing out tracts.

  13. I’m still in. I forgot to report last month.
    For October I was able to send over a dozen junk mail envelopes with gospel tracts.
    For November I will be sending about 15 envelopes, I did not do too well handing out tracts though.

  14. I can’t believe another month has come and gone. This was not a good month for me. But I am always challenged to press on thanks to you Steve. December is looking like a good month so far.

  15. November was good. Only missed a couple days. I really appreciate the accountability

  16. I met my goal of sharing the Gospel at least once a day during the month of November. Sometimes we go out to intentionally share the Gospel like we did at the Dallas Cowboys game and handed out nearly 9,000 tracts, or the days we go to the mall at lunch or to the train station. But, it is also about just sharing the Gospel with the people God sends across our path like the people in line at WalMart, the cashier at a restaurant, etc. One day, I was pulling up to my house and two mormon missionaries were riding their bike the other way down the street. I slowed down and invited them to my house. They came and we talked for 10-15 minutes. I was able to share the Gospel with them and encouraged them to search for the truth in the Bible. Another day as I pulled up in my car, there were six or so workers in the neighbors yard. They were fixingthe foundation of the house. None of them spoke English. But I had a few Spanish tracts on me, so I walked over and gave them each a tract to read while they were finishing their lunch.
    I am thankful for this Blog and the encouragement to share the Gospel every day. I pray that in 2013, the number of people participating will grow. Let’s each commit to inviting at least one person a day from now until January 1 to join this group for 2013!

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