The Everyday Club: A Pastor’s Perspective

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Pastor Steve Kreins wrote about his commitment to “The Everyday Club” after I sent him a monthly reminder to post his totals for February. (This is a club where you make a daily evangelistic commitment; click here to join. Post your February totals here.) As Senior Pastor of his church, his primary responsibility is the care and feeding of the flock. Read about his honest appraisal of the difficulty of sharing his faith daily and equipping the saints:

Oh no! I have to be honest! I am so thankful for the reminder sent by Pastor Steve that I actually made a commitment. Now I have to confess that I have fallen short of that commitment.

Here is the deal, not an excuse, but an explanation. Sometimes, us Pastors, get so caught up in the equipping of the Saints for the work of the ministry, that we forget to participate ourselves.

During February I worked hard to prepare our people to launch a “Neighborhood Invasion.” This is a systematic, house to house, invasion of the neighborhood around our church, with Law to the proud and Grace to the humble.

One of the things that has been forgotten, in many of our local Churches, is that God had a reason for planting the Church where He did. He wanted those people in those neighborhoods reached. The Church has fallen short and we find often that the people attending our Churches do not live in those neighborhoods. We grow and decide to “Move” to “greener pastures” with a brand new church. We forget who we were planted to serve and reach!

So far we have found a great unreached Harvest Field within yards of our front door! Our people are use to getting in a van and heading to Fortworth, 90 miles away, and street witnessing. When it comes to knocking on a door right here in Waco, they panic. We want to seek that which is lost, that they might be saved, RIGHT HERE FIRST!

Here is my confession, I forgot about my personal responsibility to share the Gospel because I got caught up in helping others share.

Yes, I handed out many tracts, did some 1-2-1s and prayed for open doors, but I forgot about my “Everyday Club” pledge.

Thanks for the Reminder Brother!

Go to his website here!

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  1. Hats off to and praise the Lord for dedicated shepherds like Pastor Kreins. With all the heavy responsibilities already tied to their vocation, I often wonder how it is that they are able to do all that they do and still have time to breathe. I personally don’t know of many pastors who actually evangelize outside the four walls of the churches they preach in as it is. It’s amazing that there are any!

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