The Corridor of Conversion, Pt. 2: The Strategy


In part 1 I explained we had a plan to reach tens of thousands of people with the message of the Gospel at the last game of USC’s football season using just a handful of evangelists. The challenge was to get the fans to hear the the whole message of salvation as they walked briskly down a narrow corridor before entering the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where the game was to be played.

Watch our strategy below. (You’ll have to wait until next week to see what actually happened.)

(Camera and editing: Peter Johnson)


  1. Hey, thanks for the cliff hanging job you make us go thru! So far, so good. See ya next week, Lord willing!

  2. Git R Dun! creative. stupendous. amazing…pray fruit will follow.

  3. Forgive me Steve, this is totally off-topic, but I have a question.

    What’s going on in the top-left of your blog?

    Is that Darwin and Newton stoning you to death while their feet are on fire?

    What’s the message behind that one?

    I’ve been meaning to ask for a while, but never got ’round to it.



  4. Thanks for asking! I was waiting for one of you guys to ask. Actually it’s Darwin and Voltaire. The image is from a classic painting called “The Stoning of Stephen.”

    Hence the name of this blog: Stone the Preacher.

  5. Ah, my mistake.

    Darwin and Voltaire, eh? Don’t recall ever hearing about them murderin’ anyone…must be some kind o’ meta fore, I guess.

    Anyway, you never told us you were a Saint; congratulations! Do you get any kind of special parking privileges with that?


  6. Great idea. There’s gotta be other places where there are loads of people walking down a similar “corridor” that is can be used.

  7. Steve, this was a great idea for a crowd that is in motion! I recently tried to do some open-air at the Atlanta 2009 SEC playoff and it just did not fit the movement of the crowd. I can’t wait for the next event to try this out for our group.

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