The Cambridge 7 Wake-Up Call (Poke-in-the-Eye Devotional for 1/6/24)


They live complacently as fools, ignoring God’s Word, trusting in “voices” and “visions” instead of going directly to The Source, the Bible. 

If you had a treasure map that directed you to millions in gold, would you trust the advice of other miners, or wander aimlessly in the hills with a metal detector? 

No! But that’s what most believers do, ignoring the written Words of Life at their fingertips, replacing His recorded wisdom for praise, prayer and problematic perceptions. 

I know. I know. You’re just not a morning person. Not many are. 

Charles Spurgeon wrote: “In the morning is the fittest time with God. An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.”

If you have a problem getting up in the morning, you can do what one of “The Cambridge 7” did to make sure he didn’t miss The Morning Watch.

“The Cambridge 7” were a group of wealthy, educated and prominent athletes who gave up everything to be missionaries to China.

They committed to spending the first part of a new day alone with God, praying and reading the Bible.

It was hard for one man to get early each morning, so he invented an automatic, foolproof cure for laziness: a contraption set up by his bed: 

“The vibration of an alarm clock set fishing tackle in motion, and the bed sheets, clipped to the line, moved swiftly into the air off the sleeper’s body.”

You may just have to ignore the Snooze option on your iPhone…

…or simply make a commitment to not be a weak and lazy Christian. 

* Watch the 2 minute YouTube version here. 


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