The Awakening ’08


Meet Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s evangelism pastor, Karl Corcoran. I met Karl in Ireland. Actually, he met me, and I wasn’t even physically there! Huh?

Somehow, he saw a YouTube video I had posted called “The Drop” (see it here). It showed how you can go into an ordinary restaurant and drop tracts on tables as people eat. All you have to do is greet them with a hearty, “Dinner’s on me!” then drop the tracts in front of the diners and scurry away. He and his friend Dave replied with a video of their own performing “The Drop” in a Burger King in Ireland (see it here).

A month or so later, I’m at the Huntington Pier and I hear, “Hey Pastor Steve! I’m Karl, from Ireland.” Small world. Now Karl is the evangelism pastor at the BIG Calvary Chapel, where the estimable Pastor Chuck Smith still leads his congregation. But the big news is this: Karl is putting on an evangelism conference called “The Awakening ’08” on October 11.

It’s an all day event featuring Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne, Mark Cahill and others. I’m planning on going. How about you? Get more info and register for the event by clicking here!


  1. I am so thankful that this event is taking place at Chuck Smith’s Church.

    I’ve gotta’ tell ya’ …. I was in shock that this event was going on at CC Costa Mesa. Chuck Smith is a man of God and a teacher of the Word but I have not been impressed with His lack of concern over evangelism. This definately has had an effect on the CC Pastor we had here in Va who basically falls in line behind whatever Chuck Smith says. He was very much against WOTM and said that WOTM was for people looking to validate their faith.

    Praise God for this pastor and for God providentally using him to stir that congretation in Costa Mesa and perhaps throughout many more Calvary Chapels nationally.

  2. Ithink it’s wonderful, too, Neil. Karl is very patient and waits for his opportunity. We are all looking forward to the day when Greg Laurie and Ray preach together… maybe on a box in Huntington!

    Good to hear from you since our first Academy together. I’m leading at the September Academy in a few weeks!

  3. Praise God. Tell the World about Him.

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