The “180” Movie Internet Missionary (and how you can be one, too!)


There are lots of ways that you can be an Internet Missionary and get the word out about the powerful new 180 movie which has the potential to save millions of pre-born lives. (The film is posted at the end of this article.) Help the film go viral in many different ways, one of which the man below is doing. (And a big thanks to the atheist who sent me this photo which inspired me to write this article.)

What’s he doing? Well, after hearing from my friend John on Facebook it turns out that he’s NOT clicking on the link to the film many times which increases the viewership ratings, which puts the video at the top of search engines and will hopefully be featured on YouTube’s home page. It’s actually wallpaper which reminds us to get the word out about this film to as many people as possible. (As of this posting there are more than 4000,000 visits to the video since it debuted last Sunday.)

You can also do these other things if you are against abortion and love babies, both born and pre-born:

On YouTube: YouTube is one of the best ways to reach the masses. But don’t just watch the video… INTERACT WITH IT! When you give it a thumbs up and make it a favorite as well as leave a comment you push it to the top of YouTube’s lists making it visible to more and more people!

On Facebook: We need to get as many people connected to the Facebook page in order to carry this on to the next phase. Please LIKE the 180 Facebook Page. And once you’ve done that, please LIKE as many on the comments on the 180 wall as you can. They can be comments from both 180 as well as other users that have posted on the page. The reason for this is that the more LIKES a post gets, the better chance we have of Facebook featuring those posts on other people’s home pages. In the end, thousands more people will be exposed to 180 Movie thanks to a simple click on your part!

On Twitter: 180 Movie is on Twitter as well. If you are an avid TWEETER and whether you have 5 followers or 500,000 followers we invite you to help spread the word. The OFFICIAL HASHTAG is > #180movie <. Please use that when you tweet out. The Official Twitter account is @180movie.

On Your Blog: No matter how small you think your blog is, please take time to write a short post about the 180Movie and link important keywords (like “Pro-Life” “Abortion” “Pro-Choice” “Adoption”) to ( The more people that do this, the more likely Google will be to send people searching for those keywords DIRECTLY to the 180 Movie!

You can also help promote “180” by contacting your local media (radio/TV, etc.) and telling them that a new award-winning movie is out where eight people who are adamantly pro-abortion, change their minds and become prolife in a matter of seconds…because they were asked one question.

Direct them to and tell them to request an interview with Ray. An entire interview has been pre-recorded so that we never have to turn down any station, no matter how small it is or how many come in. They also have written interviews and video clips from “180.” Make sure you direct the media to: Audra Jennings, Senior Media Specialist, The B&B Media Group, 1-800-927-0517 Ext. 104,

These great tips come from The Living Waters Newsletter. Subscribe by clicking here.

I’ll tell you what we’re planning to do at our church soon!


  1. But most importantly don’t discuss this life saving message with the unsaved. Delete any message about it. Even ones that are factually answering other peoples questions about 180 so they can make an informed decision about if it’s too graphic for them to watch.

  2. Oh man, so in the same paragraph you say he is artificially inflating view numbers and then boast that the film has 300,000 views.

    What planet are you from, Steve? This is like a car wreck in slow motion.

  3. I’m curious: why doesn’t he just make a DDoS-like program that continually refreshes that youtube page over and over and cut out the middle man? It’d be no less dishonest and far more effective, afterall.

    Mind you, it’s amusing that Ray’s anti-abortion campaign has basically been reduced to the level of spambot.

  4. Why are you guys surprised? Nothing about what they do is about truth or reality. It’s about reinforcing their beliefs and points of view and theology and so on.

  5. This guy cracks me up! He seems to really like this movie! I think he should put a 180 poster on his wall too. It’s really bare.

  6. Look guys here’s what you should do. Download a popular browser alternative to internet explorer called FireFox. Get a plug-in (like a free added extra for your broswer) for it call iMacros. A macro is something you record that you can play multiple times, its a way to automate things.

    Then you record a macro of you watching the youtube video. Then set the macro of you watching the video to play as many times as you like. If you get a bunch of people doing this your views will sky-rocket.

    Why I am telling you this? Two reasons.

    1. You artificially promoting this film by spamming social media is the definition of bearing false witness. Your hypocrisy speaks volumes for your morality.

    But more so:

    2.Because you tube views dont mean squat. The only real measure of success for this film is abortion rates. The elephant in the room that noone is mentioning.

  7. This guy cracks me up! He seems to really like this movie! I think he should put a 180 poster on his wall too. It’s really bare.

    Better idea! He should have the 180 logo tattooed on his forehead. Or maybe his hand…

  8. It’s funny, cause I’m adamantly pro-choice and saw right through this film’s tricks. I don’t think eight people is a large enough sample size to say that your silver bullet is worth a hoot.

  9. He’s saying “mom, get out of my room”.

  10. God’s Miracle is you
    When you were first conceived you were a double strand of DNA in a fertilized ovum. Dividing 50 times, and you had over 100 trillion cells. More than all the stars in the milky way. Then you were born into existence.
    Each of your cells do over 6 trillion things per second. Just think how a human body knows how to kill germs, digest, make babies, and talk, all at the same time.
    The miracle is you.
    The miracle is you.
    – Your heart beats 101,000 times per day.
    – During your life it will beat 300 million times.
    – Each day you take 23,000 breaths.
    – Your blood travels 60,000 miles each day on its journey through the body.
    – 25 million cells are being produced in your body each second.
    – You blink at least 15,000 times per day.
    – Your brain has about 100 billion nerve cells.
    – If all your DNA was stretched out it would reach the moon 6000 times.
    – You shed 600,000 particles of skin every hour.
    – Your bones are 4 times stronger than concrete.
    – Your eyes can distinguish up to 1 million color surfaces, and take in more information than the largest telescope in the world.
    – Your lungs inhale over 2 million liters of air daily.
    – When you touch anything, a message is sent to your brain at 124 mph.
    – Your skin consists of 280,000 heat receptors
    – The length of your blood vessels would circle the globe 2 ½ times.
    – You have the ability to distinguish up to 10,000 different smells.
    – Your tongue has over 10,000 taste buds.

    The miracle is you.

    Please pass this on and share!

    • Nancy none of these things are miraculous, they’re the products of evolution, having developed over millions of years to the current state of complexity that we now marvel at today, but most biologists don’t marvel and scratch their heads at all these big numbers you throw out, they understand the process of A to B over time, and while it is amazing to think about all the tiny little processes that your body goes through there’s nothing supernatural or magical about it. If you think about it, why would the creator of the universe require all these repetitive actions like blood pumping, blinking, breathing, etc. for his creation to live and then require them to do them over and over again at such a high frequency?

      • Vin, (snicker) That’s a good one!

      • Oh Steve, must you troll? =) I mean you could continue to deny evolution, that’s fine, just as long as you don’t go spreading that ignorance around I don’t care what you believe. We could continue to list off big numbers to sound impressive, I mean why stop there, there are millions of atoms in a grain of sand, etc. etc. just because there are a lot of something or you can do something impressive with numbers doesn’t mean its proof of the divine. Keep that ignorance to yourself, let the people learn about science. =)

    • Emergence.

      Look it up.

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