That Mean Ole Schoolmaster


The 10 Commandments are the standard by which God will judge our lives—did we keep them? If we have not, then each transgression of the Law is sin. On Judgment Day we will be found guilty and end up in Hell forever to pay for our sins ourselves.

“Oh no!” you may gasp. “What must I do to be saved from Hell?”

And that is the right question to ask. The Law is like a nasty, grouchy schoolmarm pointing sinners to the cross.
null Galatians 3:24– “Therefore the Law has become our tutor (KJV: schoolmaster) to lead us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” (NASB)


  1. Last Saturday my husband Herb and I went out with the evangelism team. We walked the beach near Hermosa pier and talked to as many people as we could. I noticed a man watching me so I walked closer to his beach lounge chair to hand him a million dollar bill. Before I said anything he asked me what I had in my hand. I handed him the very large $100 dollar bill and told him that we were inviting people to our church right up the street on PCH. What else have you got?, he asked. I gave him our bulliton and a million dollar bill. Then I asked him if he went to church. Oh yeah I go to Calvery on Vermont. Really! I said, well let me show you how we use these then. I talked him thru the commandments on the bill using the 1st person technique we learned in class. To my suprise he got the worried look on his face when I got to the end. So I explained that we need to repent and trust Jesus as our savior.I told him that if we don’t stop doing the old sins we are going to hell. His friend looked up and started to interrupt but he motioned her to be quiet. I thanked them for listening to me and left them with an invite to Hope Chapel.

  2. Last Saturday was at Manhatten I experienced my first leading of someone to the Lord! He, his wife, and daughter were laying out on their beach blannket and I simply went through the WDJD routine. When I got to the point where I asked if he were to be judged that moment, “Would you be found guilty or not guilty?” He said “guilty!” I simply told him Jesus paid the price. If he were to confess that he is a sinner, truely ackknowledge Jesus as his Savior, and turn from disobedience to God’s law, he would be free from the bondage of sin and there would be a place in heaven reserved for him. I asked him to pray but he said he did not know how. He asked if I would pray with him and I led him in a prayer of salvation. It was a humbling and joyful moment. It was very bold of him to accept the Lord with his wife and daughter sitting beside him during the prayer. I look forward to seeing him in glory!

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