Terrorists in the Elevator, Part 2


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Lt. Gomez of the estimable Security force at the Galleria mall got me again.
null I had just exited the elevator last Friday evening and saw him; he saw me, too, but all was cool. I noticed, though, that he glanced at my left hand, the hand holding the million dollar bill Gospel tracts. “Excuse me, Sir!” he politely called out to me. I stopped. “I can’t let you pass those out here anymore.”

I pulled out my tape recorder to gather evidence and clicked it on.

He was very polite. “You can turn that thing on if you’d like, but if I catch you handing those bills out, then I will have to ask you to leave.” (This was a darn sight more civil then the last time we met.) I assured him that I would not pass out anymore tracts in the mall that evening. “You have my word.” (Our policy as an evangelism team is to stop when asked. We are then “out of the game” for twenty-four hours.)

“Well you better call the rest of your people on the cell phone and tell them about my warnig” he suggested.

“I’m sorry,” I replied. “I can’t do that; you will have to find them yourself.” I reached out my hand to shake his and amazingly, he took it and we parted amicably.

I couldn’t wait to hear our little exchange on tape: A real, live Security encounter! How fun! Excited, I turned it on to hear—nothing. In my excitement of being confronted by Lt. Gomez, I hit the “play” button instead of “record.”

Oh, well… next time…

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