Temple 420: Holy Smoke?


Can you guess what’s wrong with this church’s Gospel message?

Their statement of purpose reads: “A Judeo-Christian Fellowship with the belief that the Ten Commandments are the moral and spiritual guide that G-D has given us. The Fellowship holds Cannabis as a sacrament, as mentioned in both the Old and New Testament, and most specifically in Revelation 22:2 as a plant for the healing of all nations.”

Incidentally, The Rev. Craig X Rubin, 41, was arrested and now faces up to four years, eight months in prison for possessing marijuana for sale. Read the story here.


  1. Temple 420 is ridiculous. This guy has seven children and he only uses the “worry for them” after the whole possession charges and facing four years plus locked away from them. You’d think, “Maybe I should have put my children before my dope?” Follow the link to the web site, can you find the name JESUS anywhere? That’s because Temple 420 is not about JESUS. CraigX, dude, walk away from the dope. Serioulsy, pray and repent.

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