Sudden Deaths: On Christmas Day


These famous (and infamous) people died on Christmas Day:

  • Singer James Brown in 2006
  • Actor Denver Pyle in 1997
  • Actor/Singer Dean Martin in 1995
  • Awful Communist Romanian Dictator Nicolea Ceausescu in 1989
  • Artist Joan Miró in 1983
  • Actor Charlie Chaplin in 1977
  • Comedian W. C. Fields in 1946
  • Emperor of Japan Yoshihito in 1926
  • Pope Adrian I in 795

Am I a ghoul to post these columns every week? Maybe so, but I do have a redemptive purpose in mind. Click here to find out what it is.


  1. Well, you know, a lot of famous people were also born on that day. (Which is frequently kind of a shame – cuts down on their presents, on average.)

    Quentin Crisp, Anwar Sadat, Rod Serling, O’Kelly Isley, Jr., Kenny Everett (British comedian – I all but guarantee you wouldn’t have heard of him), Rick Berman, Jimmy Buffett, Sissy Spacek (met her once – nice lady. COVERED in freckles), Karl Rove (who doesn’t need any presents anyway), CCH Pounder, Annie Lennox, Alannah Myles, Shane MacGowan (all HE wants for Christmas is his two front teeth), Dido. In fact, here’s a whole list:

    Very little evidence for that Jesus of Nazareth guy, though. After all, if the shepherds were out on the hills at night, do you really think it was winter?

  2. I am certainly thankful that I’m made it through another Christmas to see another Sudden Death Monday!!!

    I’m glad you made it too Steve.


  3. It is not a death cult. It is not about death but the after life. If you have to use the word “cult” you should say it is an “Afterlife cult” or an “Eternity cult”.

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