Sudden Death: Too Awful to Post


Sometimes, people send me Sudden Death stories that are too gross, or too sad to post. This is one of them.

You may be asking, “Well, why post them at all then?”

I want to show what can happen to some people when they do not submit their will to the Living God. (Another reason can be found by clicking here.)

Click here to read what was too awful to post.
(And blame David H. for this submission.)


  1. I want to show what can happen to some people when they do not submit their will to the Living God.

    ….um… No.

    We’re all going to die. Every one of us. Whether we submit to anything or not.

    This kind of thing doesn’t happen because they submitted to anything. It happens regardless of whether they have some extreme religious conversion or not. Death, as the man said, comes to us all.

    Now, you have some theory (which you expound on without the slightest bit of evidence) that you’ve earned eternal life thanks to your belief in a Higher Power, but regardless, you’re going to die, too.

  2. What I’m saying is that the likelihood of a tragic suicide is lessened, because there is always hope in the Lord.

    Christians have evidenced this in their lives.

    • Once again, an atheist cannot differentiate between one who calls himself a Christian and one who is a Christian. 76% of America claim to be Christians yet we have abortion, gay marriage, etc.

      Hmmm, something does not compute.

    • That would be the No True Scotsman thing you have trouble dealing with.

      But what bothers me more is that this contradicts the whole “God has a wonderful plan for your life!” mantra that Ray/Living Waters have been AGAINST for as long as I can remember.

    • Christians can do no wrong. And anyone who makes a mistake or stumbles was never really a Christian…. except we all still fail because we’re human and have a sin nature. So there are never any real Christians, just like there are never any REAL Communists. The Soviets TRIED communism but they never achieved the end goal of communism which is the vanishing of the state.
      I suppose there are FANS of Jesus Christ and there are FOLLOWERS of Jesus Christ. The fans like the guy and may even consider themselves Christian but they’ll never follow all the teachings. They won’t love their enemy, they won’t give to charity, they’ll lie, cheat, and steal, and generally lust after people, but they’ll still call themselves Christians and will FIGHT! for Christianity. Its because of the fans of Christianity that the religion is still alive and as popular as it is today, and its at the whim of the fans of Christ that the followers can live comfortable lives in certain countries. The fans of Christ took up arms to fight Muslim invaders in Europe, men like Charles Martel and Vlad the Impaler, who insured that Europe would remain predominantly Christian. The followers turning the other cheek didn’t keep Christianity in power, the fans with swords did. I’ve never really met a follower of Jesus Christ though, there just seems to be a certain degree of fandom from person to person.

    • Once again, an atheist cannot differentiate between one who calls himself a Christina and one who is a Christian

      I’d love to hear your explanation on how you’re able to differentiate between them.

    • Steve you lied about Laminin, I firmly believe you didn’t do the research ahead of time and merely parroted another preacher’s sermon. When you were corrected on this matter and asked if you would do the RIGHT thing and clarify your error to the people you instructed you refused, possibly due to stubborn pride? So you are an unrepentant liar, because you feel that your LIE to the congregation furthered your CAUSE. Just like a Christian Soldier, they take up a weapon, and they strike down an enemy to defend other Christians, they show that they don’t really believe what Jesus Christ taught they care more about prolonging their mortal lives and the lives of people they care about. They do not turn the other cheek. They and you have proven your fandom, but your stubborn refusal to acknowledge the mistruth and correct the facts you preached to your flock shows that you have too much pride and are perfectly content to live with telling LIES, to be a true follower of Christ.

  3. Oh and you STILL posted it, even if it’s a link. I also find it tasteless as always to use a person’s tragedy to advance your agenda. This man was a father of four. How would you feel if your death was exploited by some group of people with goals that you don’t share?

    Have you no shame, Steve?

  4. Thanks Steve for this post. It is ever a reminder that we ought to thank God moment by moment for every breath and every heart beat. Thank you Jesus. Life is so short compared to eternity. That’s way it is so very important to get right with God now while there is still life and breath in you. The rich man said in his heart I will build barns and live to the fullest. .then God took his life that very night. Listen to your heart this evening and tell me you’re not afraid to die. Life is precious to you, there’s something inside of you that says I don’t want to die.

    Repent and believe the gospel.

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