Sudden Death: Test Drive


PADUCHAH, KY – The so-called ‘ultimate driving machine’ proved to be the ultimate killing machine for a man in Kentucky.

Police in Paducah say a southern Illinois man died in a crash while taking a test drive in a BMW 128i. Read the rest here.


    • If I happen to hear of your “untimely passing”, shall I respond in the same way
      knowing your final destination?

      I should hope not!

      • Please do, my death is nothing to me. I know my loved ones will mourn but I hope random dudes on the internet are unconcerned enough that they fail to exploit my passing to push their ghoulish agenda.

  1. Ryk wrote:
    “my death is nothing to me”

    What a foolish statement!

    • Why? Death is literally nothing. I can not imagine how a sane person could feel otherwise. Surely it matters to those I leave behind and I have certainly prepared for death. However that is about other people. Me? I will be dead so it will hardly matter to me.

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