Sudden Death: Pinto Beans


A 56-year-old man was crushed to death when he was buried underneath a pile of pinto beans at the Colorado warehouse where he worked, police said. Read the rest here.


  1. RIP

    Repent atheists because you can die at any moment.

    • How does the fact that we will all die and most likely don’t know when any proof of your God’s existence? Unless your God actually exists, your beliefs about judgment and an afterlife don’t matter.

    • Hi Schmader,

      I don’t see how your conclusion (i.e., “repent, atheists”) follows from its singular premise (i.e., “you can die at any moment”).

      • Nohm I don’t understand why you need a further explanation. Heaven and Hell are real. If you die without accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior you and not repent of your sins you will end up in Hell. We can die at any time. You can’t repent and believe the Gospel after you die. So you need to accept Jesus as your lord and Savior and repent today before it is too late.

    • I have nothing to repent from. I mean even if I did that would not mean your threats of hellfire and whatnot had any value, but I do not. There is no one who I have wronged in the past that has not granted me forgiveness, and it has been a very long time since I have wronged anyone at all. As wronging others is the only thing that requires repentance I am in perfectly good standing with my conscience, my moral code and my society.

      Death is less than nothing, it is so unimportant as to be boring, your mindset that it is something to be feared is very strange to me. It implies that you have either a morbid fear of death or a ghoulish fascination with it.

      • That’s right. You don’t have to repent. No one does. In fact, all roads lead to God, either as your advocate or as your judge. No proof will be given you. In fact, if I give you proof, solid proof, and you believe because of that proof, you will still be condemned to Hell. For the reason why, go here:

        I have to remind you all on occasion that while we do care that you will be judged for your sins, we don’t really care if you can’t see the evidence. You have chosen not to see. Scripturally, you have been blinded, though. That’s why we pray for you all, that God would remove your scales from your eyes.

        Just sayin’.

      • Quite the racket, “Uhh no I won’t prove I have a vaccum cleaner, uhh in fact if I prove it bad things will happen so uhhh you have to just buy it and hope I really have one or you can not buy it and bad things will happen.”

        Sounds like the Mafia.

      • I read your link, it is a silly dodge. You see all of that supposed brilliant evidence you claim to have presented, has been thoroughly refuted. The watchmaker argument or Comforts building argument are refuted by both science and logic and have been for decades, Strobels books are laughable they at best show that a Rabbi named Jesus existed and founded a religion and they are pretty weak at doing that. They certainly don’t substantiate any of the magical claims of the Bible.

        You say you have presented evidence but what you have done is present assertions which is completely different.

        Also your dodge about proof being damning is flawed and does not follow from premise. For example I have proof positive that objects attract one another in proportion to their mass. I also have faith in the theory of gravity. Not at all a contradiction, proof does not preclude faith it supports it.

        You only claim proof would be bad because you have none.

      • Jim, not much Oomph! there anymore, my friend.

      • You never pretended to respect what he said in the first place so I don’t know why you’ve jumped on the Oomph horse.

      • This is true. I never respected what Jim has said about my God.

  2. Oh and Steve. I do appreciate your clarification on your agenda, it was in fact informative. I have heard similar before but not in quite the way you put it, so thanks. I also would clarify that even though I dillegently apply myself towards bringing reason to people who are locked in superstition I understand that some people can not see it and though this saddens me I accept it. My purpose is not so much to free you from Christianity but to free those who are harboring doubt but fear to admit it. Those are the people I reach with my message, the ones who have glimpsed the truth and simply need to know that it is OK, that one can be good without Gods, that there are others out there who do not believe and live moral and decent lives.

    These people are the ones that I can save, nothing would please me more than to see you come to realize your error, but I understand that you may be far to heavily indoctrinated to change. There are however generations of young people who have doubts and questions, who do not embrace the stories and beliefs of their parents. These young people can be saved and I am here for them.

    • As was Satan in the Garden….

      • No there is no Satan and there was no Garden of Eden.

        Actually though even if we take the story at face value it is not clear that Satan was in the Garden, the serpant is never caled Satan or any other name, also the serpants punishment is not really a metaphor for the other biblical references to Satan unless you really stretch it. This seems more like a folk tale addressing both the source of suffering and how the snake lost its legs. Of course different Christian sects often write their own Bibles so if yours calls the serpant Satan I understand.

      • Of course there was a Satan (still is, according to Scripture; he’s your father), and of course a Garden. Once again, you are in error because of your blindness.

      • Steve: “as was Satan in the Garden…”

        God created Satan and wants billions of people to suffer in Hell for all eternity because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

        God created imperfect man, knew they would sin and now has them suffering. Not only that, the only way to be saved is to be lucky enough to hear the gospel from an imperfect person that you can’t trust one bit. If you were or are born in the wrong part of the world there is no hope for you and you are damned for all eternity.

      • …which is why you ought to get saved and become a missionary!

      • So Steve would you agree that given the way God chose to manifest himself, when, and where included, that he doesn’t care for certain groups of people? Given the fact that you agree that for 1500 some years Native Americans were just going to hell, one after another, God must not give care one bit to save their souls when he could have so easily have given them a savior as well?

      • I would have thought Satan was the father of those who tell lies. You know like you and Ray.

        Then you both condemn others for telling lies. What would that make you both…hmmm…some word that starts with a H with a Y after it. πŸ™‚

      • That would make for an interesting movie.

    • St. Ryk has spoken! Do your arms hurt from constantly patting yourself on the back?

  3. I have no real use for Satan as a character, he seems to be simply Yahwhes stooge. Not anyon e to admire. The serpant from the garden however is quite the interesting figure. He teaches a valuable message that it is better to be learned and free than ignorant slaves. He encouraged knowledge and freedom over the flavorless paradise of ignorance. Very admirable character I think.

    • You’d be an awesome liberal pastor. Perhaps you should look into the United Mehodist or Presbyterian USA denominations.

    • I doubt I would make much of a pastor..liberal or otherwise. standing at the pulpit telling people….what is wrong with you? Why do you believe in this stupidity is not really in a ministers job description. I think I will stay an outspoken atheist instead. Then I get to tell the truth instead of lying all the time.

      • Careful Steve… remember… Christian BEFORE Conservative… your on the verge of showing your cards man!

  4. @Dog

    A saint is just another religious artifact so I could not be one, bit thanx anyway.

    It seems strange that you would assign sainthood it accuse me of “patting myself on the back ” simply for claiming common decency. Doesn ‘t speak well of you.

    • Ryk a lot of your comments are about telling everyone what a good person you are. I like the one about you not hating anyone, ever.

      Saint by the way just means holy.

      • I never have hated anyone. What is so strange to you about that? Most people are not hateful. I know some people are but most people I know just hate actions or behaviors not people. Maybe hating people is a Christian thing.

        Maybe you should consider that what you see as someone claiming to be good is for most people just being a decent person. Then consider why you are not.

      • You never hated anyone? Impossible.

      • Donald, as an adult do you find it hard to not hate people? Who do you hate and why?

      • How is that impossible, exactly?

      • @Dog

        I feel genuine sadness for you that you can not envision a life without hating others. Perhaps hate is ingrained in your worldview, but for most it is not. It is not unusual to feel hate for extreme actions or even in rare cases institutions or ideologies, but hating people is an abnormality.

        Someone who has suffered torture, rape, or other extreme abuse can come to hate their abuser as can someone who has suffered an irreplaceable loss at the hands of others. This I understand, trauma can warp peoples minds and cause terrible disorders. I however have been spared such things and have never had cause to feel hatred towards a person.

        I have hated the actions of others, such as the 9/11 terrorists or an abusive husband who beat a friend of mine, but that is directed at the actions not the person. Towards the people I have felt many things, anger, pity, contempt, a desire for justice, but never hatred.

        I am sorry you must live with hatefulness in your life and would encourage you to see a psychologist to address whatever trauma led you to embrace hate as a way to feel towards your fellow man.

  5. @Steve

    Do you even know what it means to support an assertion? You offer no evidence of Satan other than your say so. Your Bible does not require anyone to have faith in Satan so you can present your proof with a clear conscience….it just keep dodging…whichever you think is more honest.

    Oh and my fathers name is Bob…it would be cool if the were named Satan…but the is simply Bob.

  6. Steve
    I am a missionary. I am just seeking to save people from Christianity rather than trap them in it.

    Are you ever going to do that post about effectiveness? You don ‘t seem very effective. I an very effective.

    Does it bother you that you have no evidence to back you your claims but I do? Does it concern you that science, logic, and philosophy can all present solid evidence against your God? Does it bother that none of these provide any solid evidence in your Gods favor?

    • Yes. Soon.
      Yep. You are effective. πŸ™‚

      • So it doesn’t bother you that you believe in something and talk to something that you have ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF FOR.

        See, that would bother me because that is essentially the same as insane people who talk to walls, or methamphetamine users who believe bugs are under their skin. That certainly would bother me, a sane person.

  7. Again, Mr. Sanchez, you demonstrate that you take no one here seriously. It shouldn’t be surprising that you’re treated similarly.

    • Correction, Whateverman: The Christian evangelists take me serious because I’m serious about evangelism. The atheists may not. Fools generally can’t understand wisdom, wisdom from God.

      • Fool in biblical terms. You can be the smartest, richest, wisest man in the world, but if you don’t believe that there is a God, despite overwhelming evidence (just look up), then that person is a fool.

        You can be the nicest, friendliest, gracious, honest scientist and not believe in God…you are then a fool.

        This is not meant as an insult, just as a status…and a description of objective truth.

      • Steve wrote: “despite overwhelming evidence (just look up)

        Look it up where? I’ve been looking for years. Where do I “look it up”?

      • Oh, sorry. You said “look up”, and not “look it up”.

        Ok, I just looked up and saw the sky. I didn’t, to my knowledge, see any evidence for a God.

        How is “look up” evidence for God?

      • Steve wrote “Fools generally can’t understand wisdom, wisdom from God.”

        So now Ray Comfort is God? After all that’s where you get your supposed “wisdom” from…his interpretation of the bible. πŸ™‚

      • /facepalm

        You’re an Evangelist, you should be concerned that the non-believers take you seriously, not the believers.

        I’ve mentioned repeatedly that the Living Waters ‘evangelism’ focus seems to be selling to the believers not about bringing the lost to Christ, and your comment falls into that perfectly.

      • There is no wisdom from God. Believing in God is proof that one lacks wisdom.

      • Mr. Sanchez, you expect us, the group who does not bare the burden of proof, to provide you the proof or as you put it “just look up”. That, sir, is not how the burden of proof works; an analogy being a courtroom, a person in defence must not prove they didn’t do the crime, but the prosecutor or plaintiff must prove the person in defence did commit the crime.

        That, sir, is the burden of proof explained. Follow that definition and maybe, just maybe, you will start to convert the non-believers. You might even become a stronger Christian in the process.

    • Whateverman,

      You just got spanked!

      • So Steve, what would you call a person who believes in God but believes that God worked through physical means which we are now understanding through science, that they accept scientific truth and reject the superstitious nature of a lot of the passages in the Bible. Would you call that person a fool? Is belief in God the only real criteria for a person to be labeled a fool?

      • I don’t see how, Schmader.

      • See Intelligent Design.

  8. It’s taken a few months but I just figured out what Jim D’s motto is;

    “Thank God I’m an Atheist!”

  9. So Schraeder.

    Other than unsubstantiated assertions do you have any evidence that Heaven, Hell, and your God ate real?

    You know? Something verifiable, something you can demonstrate.

    Doubt it.

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