Sudden Death: On the Toilet!


Here are some people who took their last breaths in the bathroom. I got these from The Bathroom Reader (a very entertaining and funny book):
null In 1016, 27-year-old King Edmond II of England was murdered in the bathroom by an assassin who hid behind his primitive toilet. As Edmond sat, the murderer stepped out and shoved his sword twice “into the king’s bowels.”

Movie producer Don Simpson (Top Gun, Flashdance) died in 1996 from what was rumored to be an overdose of cocaine. Actually, he died of a heart attack while going to the bathroom.

Probably the most famous toilet-death was Elvis Presley’s. He died on the pot of a heart attack while “takin’ care of business.” You could say that the “King” died on the “throne”… At the time of his death he was reading a book entitled “The Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus.”


  1. You could also say that “the King died on the throne.” :^)

  2. You forgot my favorite supposed death on the throne.

    In Judges Ehud kills King Eglon on the throne. Now that is doing the Lord’s Work. “King Eglon I have a message for you from the Lord,” then he gives him the shank.

  3. I re-edited it for your comment, Robert.


  4. That’s my daughters’ favorite, too.

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    He left thanking me, and saying he will read it.

  8. U are a rude butt head for saying that Elvis died on the throne you you you LOSER BUTT HEAD :>

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