Sudden Death: Heart Attacks


CATANIA, Italy – Three Italian brothers suffered heart attacks on the same day, killing two of them.

The third was already in the hospital at the time, visiting his elderly mother, and was immediately treated by medics, the Corriere della Sera reported Tuesday. Read the rest here.


  1. One brother was an atheist.

    The other brother was an agnostic.

    The brother that lived was a Christian.

    Repentence has benefits.

    Repent and believe the Gospel today!!!!!!!

    • Are you kidding? Really? You believe that God saved the one because he was a Christian? Kind of scanty evidence for that, isn’t there?

      What about the millions of times when an unbeliever has lived, but a faithful Christian died?

      What, to expound further, about the 105 people who died in the same minute that Tim Tebow got his last touchdown? Roughly 35 of them were Christian of various flavors. God just gave up on protecting them in order to guide a football into the hands of a wide receiver?

      Christians, you will find, die at the same average rate as non-Christians in the same socio-economic strata. There is no physiological advantage. Nor do you make more money for losing your Sunday mornings to the church.

      There is, in fact, no real advantage to be gained on this side of the Veil of Tears. That’s why early Christians had to create that whole “heaven” story – they needed SOMETHING to attract the masses.

  2. Freaking ghoul.

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