SUDDEN DEATH: Fistfight!


The Fresno County coroner’s office ruled the death of a middle school student who got into a fistfight with a classmate a homicide.null Michael Anthony Mobley, 13, died of “head trauma due to blunt impact,” coroner Loralee Cervantes said. There was no secondary cause of death, she said.

The Ahwahnee Middle School seventh-grader was fighting with a 14-year-old boy in a parking lot near the school when he lost consciousness and later died


  1. i think michaels death wasn’t an everyday fight.having himas a friend was very wonderful.i went to his school had classes with him.sometin=mesi want to change my classes because i can’t stand to see his empty seats.i still think about him,i think about how i could have been there to do something.sometimes i wish i was.i no i probly couldn’t have stopped the fight but gotten help so i wouldn’t have to be talking about his death now.the day after his death i did not want to go to school.he brought joy to my life.i only knew him for four months.the best four months of my life.everyday when we run our mile i see the memorial hanging on the fence where he was killed.i theink about him when i look at it.when there is new kids they always ask me what that is but i have to have a friend tell thm because it’s too much for me to explain otherwise i would break down crying.right now my keyboard is full of tear droppings even if its been a while since his death too me it feels like yesterday was the last time i talked to him.
    i’m not taking adrians side but i do feel bad for him too.because its going to haunt him for his life.all i want is to talk to him one last time so i can have a chance to say goodbye.
    i have a story in a chicken soup story in my words that i wrote.i made it into the book.
    i got a letter a week later saying they got many of those stories about him and they picked out the best.they may think it was the best but i just wrote it from the heart and thats what counts.i miss him and i would talk about him more right now but it’s too hard.

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