SUDDEN DEATH: Collision!


The following story is the reason I ask the million $ question everywhere, which is: “If you were to die today, would you go to heaven or hell?”

Students and staff at Taylor University, a Christian college near Indianapolis, are reeling from the sudden deaths of four students and a staff member killed in a collision with a tractor-trailer on Wednesday. The group had been headed home from setting up for a scholarship banquet.
Today the university’s prayer forum is filled with condolences and prayers from hundreds of students and professors from Christian colleges all over the country. A Taylor graduate who now works as a teacher in south China posted this note about talking with one of her students about the news:
“I was able to tell her about the Father who has the answers even when we don’t. I was able to share with her about a community at Taylor who are bonding together because of their faith in the Son. For the first time in two years she softened her heart and opened up and the seeds are seriously taking root. She wanted to know how to have a relationship with the Father who has those kind of answers for her life, answers that her education and science and culture can’t answer for her. As a result of the testimony of this tragedy, she wanted to know the Father who brings comfort in the midst of pain. So, thank you Bradley, Laurel, Betsy, Whitney, and Monica…a life has been changed. Your story is being told.”
From, Apr 28, 06

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