Sudden Death: Blackest Friday

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The L.A. Times reported that two men were involved in a shoot-out at a Toys R’ Us on Black Friday.

The younger of the two lifted up his shirt and flashed his handgun, pulling the grip from his baggy pants pocket. The other man yanked out his own hand gun and started chasing him down the aisle and firing, witnesses said.

“These guys ran into each other, they squared off against each other, they killed each other,” said Sheriff’s Capt. Daniel Wilham. “It’s a miracle that these were the only two people killed, given it was a crowded toy store.”

Riverside County sheriff’s officials declined to release the names of the dead men, whose bodies were found near the front of the store. —L.A. Times, 11-29-08


At 5:03 a.m. Friday, customers surged toward a Long Island Wal-Mart store’s entrance.

A 34-year-old temporary employee was killed when a “throng of shoppers… physically broke down the doors, knocking him to the ground,” according to a statement from Nassau County officials. —L.A. Times, 11/29/08

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  1. Re: Walmart Stampede…This is beyond words.

    For the next Black Friday, Walmart should erect a warning sign in front of the doors stating: “CAUTION – GREED KILLS”.

    In all seriousness, things like this should be illegal. This breaking of the 6th Commandment (albeit without intent) was brought upon by the mobs breaking the 10th Commandment. What a sad world this is sometimes!

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