Sudden Death: Big-Rig!


BURBANK, Calif. (AP)—The California Highway Patrol says a driver has died after slamming into the back of a stalled big-rig on a Burbank freeway.  Read the rest from here. “Driver Killed After Slamming Into Big-Rig On I-5”

(Submitted by Jaylene Daugherty)


  1. I know you’re trying to make a point here, but I dislike these posts. It’s almost as if you’re getting off on these calamities. All these Sudden Death!! people had friends and loved ones that miss them and it seems rather callous to co-opt their pain for your point.

    • Death is painful. These posts are a constant reminder that death can happen at any moment. I don’t like these posts. I hate death. I hate the grief that’s left behind, the suffering ahead for those who die in their sins. My hope, of course, is to cause others to contemplate their future—and do something.

      I agree with you except for the statement: “It’s almost as if you’re getting off on these calamities.”

  2. I agree with you except for the statement: “It’s almost as if you’re getting off on these calamities.”

    Steve, you understand I’m not accusing you of being ghoulish, right? That’s why I used ‘seems like.’ Like I said I understand what you’re trying to do. (I don’t agree with it.) Maybe it’s the !!!!!! in the title. Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive today.

    Take care, make today wonderful.

  3. These posts remind me to live each day as though it were my last because one day it will be.

    I have no idea how I am going to die. It may be slow, it may be sudden.

    And if it’s going to be sudden, then all the more shall I endeavor to make sure I do not take the life God has given me for granted, to live each day to the fullest – for Him first and then for me.

    Finally, I am grateful that, by His grace through Christ, He has made me eternally ready for that moment when, by whatever means, my heart stops beating.

    Thank you for the weekly reminders, Steve.

  4. It’s all part of Steve’s coping mechanism, perdita.

    You see, he’s terrified of dying (one of the reasons why he’s convinced himself that there’s a God, in fact) and these posts are his catharsis, as if to say; ‘phew, it wasn’t me!’

    Of course, he’ll say he’s not scared of death, but that’s only because he’s suppressing his fear in false-righteousness.


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