Strip Club Owner Hates Evangelists!


A strip club owner in Ohio is pursuing legal means to stop the campaign of a local church whose members witness to patrons coming to visit his business.

“Foxhole” owner Thomas George has accused New Beginnings Ministries of harassing patrons, and even causing an explosion outside his property — while law enforcement just looks on. The church’s pastor, William Dunfee, says the federal lawsuit’s charges are over-exaggerated and reflect the desperate attempt by George to stop the effective outreach of parishioners who have helped to bring the club’s business in New Castle and Coshocton County to a trickle. Click here to read the rest from OneNewsNow!


  1. “Strip club owner hates evangelists”… and so does a Salvation Army Christmas Kettle volunteer, as I found out!

    Passing through a local mall on my way back from the dentist yesterday, I walk by a Salvation Army rep ringing bells for Christmas donations. I stop, smile and ask this friendly retired gentleman if he was a member of SA. He said “No” but, with pride, boasted about how he “volunteers 4 hours a day, everyday, every December to sit and collect money for SA. Good cause”.

    I ask if he is a Christian. He said “No, not really. I’m a believer and all. I think there is ‘something’ out there. Call it ‘god’ if you want or not. But I won’t know for sure until I’m dead, I guess. If he exists, great. If not, then it won’t matter.”

    (Hello? ‘Salvation’ Army?)

    I gave him the “If the Bible was true…” routine. Then took him thru the Good Person Test. All OK until we got to him standing before a Holy and Righteous God on Judgement Day, guilty of sin and in danger of condemnation.

    At that point, his face got real red (not like Santa) and through gritted teeth he said this: “I have had quite enough of your religious talk. I think it would be a good idea if you just moved on. Good day to you, sir.”

    I pleaded: “Please bear with me. You only gave me the chance to tell you the bad news. I did that in order to lead you to the good news which you might appreciate.”

    His face was stone cold. He could not react to me too harshly because shoppers were all around dropping money in the kettle. He was painfully forcing a smile.

    I continued.

    I gave him the gospel in light of the substitutionary work of Christ on the cross. Told him Jesus, Son of God, was born, lived a perfect life and died a perfect sacrificial death so that we could be saved from our sins and hell. Told him salvation was a free gift from God for him to receive if he but repent and believe. I said “This is what Christmas is truly all about”.

    He responds in tight-lip strain: “I said: ‘I’ll worry about that when I get there.'”

    I suggested he think about these things BEFORE he got there, told him I would pray for him, shook his hand and wished him Merry Christmas. He returned the gesture, but not warmly. It was only to save face as others were looking on. So sad.

    Lastly, I wonder: I know the SA are in need of all the volunteers they can get. But, it was obvious in this short discourse, that this SA volunteer of many years had no idea of what the gospel of Christ was all about.

    (Hello? ‘SALVATION’ Army ???)

  2. Wow, Paul. I hope he didn’t hit you with his bell.
    Way to hang in there. God’s Word will never return empty.
    Good job!

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