STARBUCKS PAYBACK TIME by Anna (Banana) Jackson


I have pretty much had it with Starbucks, what with their liberal agenda and their mini-mart tasting brew. Imagine my delight when Anna Jackson counter-attacked this establishment with not-so-covert Gospel presentations—right inside the coffee house!!! Whew! I’ll bet this made management’s mohawks stand on end…

Here’s her report:

The coffee house outreach started on a hot night when it was just too uncomfortable to be indoors without air conditioning. My friends, Anita and Liz, decided to take their Bible study group and worship time to an outdoor area outside Starbucks.
null As they began to play and sing a Starbucks employee stopped to listen.

After a few songs he enthusiastically asked them to come inside the Starbucks and continue.
That was the beginning, and it has now been a month and a half.

I joined Anita and Liz three weeks ago as the “trivia girl.”
I ask coffee trivia questions between songs for prizes.

This encourages people to take one of our coffee triva tracts and read it intently.
(Download your own free coffee tracts here.)

And the prizes we give away are “free cd’s” (that have a gospel message on them) or “free dvd’s” (that also have a gospel message on them).
null Twice a night, for the last three weeks, we’ve given away Starbucks gift cards. But for this prize, we take a person through the “good person test” over the mic for all to hear the gospel.

I hope your readers can use this printable Coffee Trivia tract to give away at their local coffee houses. Everyone can do something. 🙂

Anna is the Living Waters Newsblast designer and her husband Dale is the graphic artist for The Way of the Master T.V. show.
null Together they have a business called which is dedicated to providing useful resources to support Christians in Biblical Evangelism.
(FYI: She is the “Banana” mentioned on Ray Comfort’s teaching, “What Hollywood Believes”. Listen to it here for free!)


  1. Just curious, I’ve heard Ray Comfort talk about an Anna (Banana) and the reason behind the nickname…are you the same Anna?

  2. WOW! When I saw the coffee house tracts I nearly passed out.

    I love coffee and work at a coffee house. This is so cool. Oh feeling light headed….

    Can’t wait to get started.

  3. Well its even better having read it. I like how the transition from coffee production taking a lot of heat to the heat we feel when exposed to the Law. Great stuff. I can’t wait to share them.

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  5. Greg: This is the same Banana. I wrote that down at the end of the article…


  6. Banana encourages me all the time! I don’t think I’d be where I am now if it weren’t for the Lord working through her. Her zeal for the Lord and for the lost is unstoppable.

    We just celebrated our 17th Anniversary and her 36th B-day. I praise God for “Banana!”

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