Snowbound or Housebound? You Can Still Witness!


There are a number of  people who read this blog who don’t have the wonderful blessings of living in a place with nearly year-round sunshine like California, so the opportunities for effective evangelism are severely limited.
null One man from the far north complains incessantly about the snow he has to shovel daily; another whines about how cold it is in his state. 

Since I am a pastor, my heart strings have been tugged a little bit. Not wanting anyone to miss out on the awesome privelege of sharing their faith, regardless of their weather or particular life situation, I have provided two links that will help you to be prepared in season and out of season. 

Click here to find out how to use tracts when you can’t get out of the house.


And click here to find out how you can do one-to-one witnessing while watching the latest snowfall. 


  1. A hearty, yet cold, “Thanks anyways, Steve!” from the Great White North.
    Winsome ways to witness while winter weather whips wayward. Great suggestions!

    But the reality of it is this: I would love to sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and wait for telemarketers to call me so I can give them the gospel. But I can’t ever hear the phone ring. Why? I’m outside shovelling snow! All the time!

    The mail thing? My mail just piles up on the floor. I never open my mail in winter. I can’t. My fingers are frozen to the bone from (you guessed it) shovelling snow! I don’t get to feel my fingertips until the spring thaw.

    I know you’re wondering right now so I’ll let you know: I’m typing this up with my nose.

    Seriously though, because of the SEEMINGLY endless snowfalls we have been getting this year, the Lord has been good in giving me, as I shovel snow, opportunities to give full gospel messages and tracts to passersby, postmen, to a guy who stopped to offer help in clearing tons of snow on my driveway, another who offered to shovel my roof (we have to do that here sometimes) for $100…all “good persons” who walked away thinking otherwise and with a million bucks in their pocket (Canadian).

    If winter means people getting to hear the gospel in such a way that there is hope of them trudging up all the way to the cross, then I sing: “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”

  2. See what I mean? A little snow, a lotta blow! Gotta go!

    Darn good wintry writing, though…

    On this blog, Paul, I have to shovel other stuff. 🙂

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