Slices of P.I.E.


P.I.E. stands for Pizza, Intercession and Evangelism. Six of us went down to our local party/bar area in Hermosa Beach on Saturday to hand out Gospel tracts and engage in one-to-one evangelism. Everybody participated and no one was beat-up! One man, Ed Lee, has been a Christian for only seven months and he led someone to Christ for the first time. Our cameraman, Andy Anders, also led someone to the Lord. Another man, Chris, overcame his fears and totally got into it. Now read these testimonies of two ladies who also were fearless:
From Wendy DePinto—May 6, 2006, the first day I witnessed to adult strangers… (I’ve witnessed to kids before- a lot less intimidating). I met up with Pastor Steve and the crew for Saturday’s P.I.E. I missed the group prayer but I prayed by myself, “Lord give me the courage, give me the words and give them hearts to hear it and if not I’ll be happy to just carry the clip board all day and watch the others.”

A group of five of us piled into a car and went to the Hermosa Beach Pier. As soon as we got out of the car, Pastor Steve was witnessing to a couple in the garage, the lady disagreed with most everything Steve said and yet she and her husband stayed and heard Steve out and thanked us for the conversation. I’m outgoing but I can be shy talking to strangers. So, I watched the group evangelize for a bit and then I set out passing out the million dollar bills and then IT happened… I actually started witnessing using ‘The Law’ to these two men and it was fun and easy. The million dollar bill opened the door and then I just opened my mouth and asked the million
dollar question.

Later on IT happened again and I was able to witness to these two women and one heckler… The heckler questioned all sorts of things and called me brainwashed but he left and I spent 15 more minutes with the woman cleaning up a bit of his mess because they said they agreed with him and I was able to tell them about my testimony as a woman and how much
freedom I feel in God’s law. They asked questions and we had a great conversation to which they thanked me for. Both groups kept the million dollar bills and perhaps the seeds that were planted will flourish in
their hearts.

I did have to push myself out of my comfort zone today, and I did experience some persecution and rejection but God didn’t let me get angry or hurt about it. God showed me that most people just don’t know the truth and that they are receptive and want to discuss spiritual matters.
Proverbs 29:25-
“Fear of man will prove to be a snare,
but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.”
Psalm 53:1-
“The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They
are corrupt, and their ways are vile; there is no one
who does good.”

I’ll be back for more P.I.E. –Wendy DePinto

And from Pauline Celona, who’s a Senior Citizen, but has the energy of a 25 year-old:
We all know that God is involved in our lives and constantly blessing us. However, His power has become totally apparent to me since I began witnessing with our $1 million bills. I have seen Him shut mouths, touch hearts, convict consciences, and hold minds so that people not only listen to me as I ask them the million dollar question, but thank me for telling them the Gospel. I see the miracle of His Word time after time as I step out and people respond. I am totally blessed to see their understanding of the importance of the message, and much to my amazement, seldom do the total strangers I approach refuse to talk with me and reject me outright. God works miracle after miracle by opening ears to hear, and putting the right words in my mouth to speak to each person. At the end of the day at the Hermosa Beach Pier with the Hope people, the Awesomeness of our God filled my heart to overflowing. I pray that others at Hope will step out to witness with the tracts and be blessed as I am being blessed. Praise and honor to His Wonderful Name!

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