Shaved Heads and a Promise


Jake Turner is a baseball player on a local college team and he was on the horns of a dilemma: He was asked by the captain of his team to shave his head in the spirit of team comraderie. Jake is all for team unity, but he knows—as we all know—that guys with shaved heads are kinda dorky looking and weird.
null That wasn’t the issue.

The real issue was that he is the head usher at our Sunday church service and he didn’t want to look well, uh, dorky and weird.

The team captain was adamant that Jake was to shave his head. Jake was adamant about not wanting to look dorky and weird; so he compromised. He made the captain an offer that he certainly could refuse. An offer so compelling, so ingenious, it had to come from the mind of God—or Jake’s Dad.

Jake said that he would shave his head if the captain and eleven other players would attend church this Sunday. A dozen bald guys sitting in a row, just imagine… a baker’s dozen with Jake!

The captain agreed and signed a declaration that he and the eleven other players would be there! As a sign of good faith, Jake shaved his head in anticipation of them keeping their word.

Will the team honor their agreement? I’ll tell you on Monday.

If you see Jake this Sunday, tell him, “Nice haircut!”

And try not to laugh.


  1. Heading a soccer ball sounds bad enough with hair….ouch!

    And as a fellow head usher, let me simply say that a bald pate is nowhere as silly looking as being 30lbs overweight, and with a bald pate. :^)

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