Seven for Heaven


We started with 13 and ended up with seven. That’s the unfortunate truth when teaching a class on evangelism: a nearly 50% drop out rate. But I am incredibly hopeful that God will use these people mightily, because they serve a mighty God. Congratulations you all!

See the original class here.


  1. Seven more to pray for!

    Bring ’em on , Steve! Great work!

  2. May the LORD bless and enable these, He has chosen as His ambassadors, actually He has chosen ALL those who have been born again. May He continue to add to the “faithful few” who resond in obedience and carry the Law & Gospel out to a needy world all around us. Go guys, go….
    Next Class starts May 14.

  3. Week two ask the million dollar question. Dear Lord please give me the courage to step beyond my comfort zone. Answer “whats the worst they can do or say.” Well went to Sam’s Club saw an older man gave him a tract and he asked whats this? A Bible tract. Don’t need one don’t believe in God. Stunded & speechless asked what happens when you die. Well you get recycled. Recycled I asked, yes thats right he replied. At this point I remembered Go into the world and make mistakes. And did I ever, lost and confussed I left scratching my head. Went shopping thought about what had just happened, my fears of rejection can true and it wasn’t that bad. Asked God again for help. Going to my car to leave there was a man & woman sitting on their car talking so I approached them, have you got one of these yet? They asked what is it, there bible tracts. From that point on God was in controll, spoke to them about the million dollar question loved on them just as Jesus asks us to do, when I finished & drove home God showed me my worst fears of rejection were not as bad as I imagined, and the rewards far out weighed my expectations.

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