SermonCentral asks: “Is this effective preaching?”


NOTE TO READERS: This article from SermonCentral has been taken down from their site. Still, you can view the “controversial” video in question below this article.

SermonCentral bills itself as “…the world’s leader in sermon resources and research. We are dedicated to equipping pastors worldwide for excellence in preaching.”

Imagine my surprise when one of my videos was posted for discussion with this description:

There are crowds gathered in every city, every day. The question is: how to reach them?

Discussion Starter: Do you think street preaching is an effective way to get the Word out? Why or why not?


Twenty eight people commented (including me). Here are some of the comments:

“I wonder how many of the people walking by will think that he is from Westboro Baptist Church?”

“The world does not need a street preacher scaring them into thinking that they are going to hell. Most people who respond to that kind of gospel only go through the motions, because they are scared of going to hell. God wants people to trust Him because He is love and not because we think we would go to hell if we don’t trust Him. The world needs less street preachers telling them that their going to hell, and more preachers that live the truth.”

“Maybe we should ask William Booth (if he were still on earth) or The Salvation Army if street preaching is valid and if God blesses this ministry. The answer is yes! May God continue to bless those bold enough to proclaim the Gospel in public!”

I’d love to hear your opinions after watching the video yourself.


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