September Evangelism: Back to School, Fiesta Hermosa, MORE!


September 1: I go back to El Camino College to continue our evangelism ministry to the lost students, those caught in the tyrannical shackles of unbelief. We will be meeting every Thursday afternoon on the Library Lawn from 12:30-2pm. Email me for directions to the free parking. (Make sure you read about the El Camino Murder artist I met last year by clicking here.

September 2: Every Friday you can join us for The Hour of Power, a one hour excursion to our local fishin’ hole, the Redondo Beach Pier. Meet at the bottom of the stairs at 4:30pm at Hope Chapel to carpool.


September 3-5: The Fiesta Hermosa. This time we actually have an evangelism booth inside the fair. Join us all weekend from 9am-6pm. See details below the video.

Here’s where to park and where to go: We will be in Space #101 located at the South side of Upper Pier Ave, between Palm Dr. and Hermosa Ave. in Hermosa Beach. Take the shuttle bus from Mira Costa High School (on Artesia Blvd., Manhattan Beach to get down there. You may want to arrive about half an hour ahead of your scheduled time to give you enough time to take the shuttle bus.

Sept. 10: USC Football. Gametime: 4:30pm
Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool. We know where the free parking is!

Sept. 17: USC Football. Gametime: 5pm
Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool. We know where the free parking is!

Sept. 24: Third St. Promenade w/Tony Miano and the Third Street Herald. Special time: Meet at Hope Chapel at 10am to carpool!


OCTOBER 1: Manhattan Beach Hometowm Fair & USC Football


  1. Have you been allowed to watch “Hitlers Religion”, er “180” yet Steve? I see you’ve started advertising it.

  2. Steve,

    If I go to the Fiesta Hermosa can I get a picture with you and an autographed Teddy Trillion?

  3. Great video Pastor Steve! I like your line about people not going to church (I assume it was Sunday) so you thought you’d bring the church to them. The next time I get to open-air (Lord willing someday again) I will most definitely use that line. God bless you brother and the team!

  4. Excellent sermon! I’m gonna have to use some of that my next time on the box. Pastor Steve, do you find that 5 minutes is enough when you have a captive audience? I have struggled with longer/shorter depending on the audience.


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