Security Alert at the Mall!


From time to time I get hassled by Security when handing out Gospel tracts in malls and other places. I’ve been chased by Scientologist Security guards on bikes in Hollywood; I’ve been told to stop witnessing to cancer patients on a beach in Malibu, escorted out by big guys with badges at the Galleria Mall in Redondo Beach, and tailed by authoritative personnel at a local street faire in Hermosa Beach who ultimately called the police! It’s hard to believe that all I’m doing is handing out Million-dollar bill Gospel tracts in a gracious, respectful manner, but truly, that is all I’m doing.

So what is an evangelist to do? Let everyone take God out of the marketplace of ideas to the point where we end up like Europe?

The key to dealing with these people is to always be gracious and firm—but gentle—when informing them of your First Amendment rights—and be ready to lay them down when push comes to shove.

I was stopped at a mall recently by a very nice Security guy named Alfredo Munoz after handing out tracts at the bottom of an escalator.
null He told me that I couldn’t hand out literature in the mall. I patiently informed him that indeed I could, and that it was my First Amendment right—then I took his picture! He then said I couldn’t do that! (A lawyer was very angry when I told him that the evangelism team and myself were getting booted out of malls. He counciled that I should always get the name, badge number, and photo of any guard who stops me or the team.)
null After a few more pleasantly exchanged words (really!), he allowed me to take his picture holding a million dollar bill!
null I then focused my attention on witnessing to Alfredo. He heard the full Gospel message and actually thanked me!!! I gave him a 10 Commandments penny as a gift…
… then we took a photo together!


  1. ….someone made a friend…….aww…how cute!

  2. Since you are so fond of the 1st amendment I thought I would repeat it here for you

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

    Our founding fathers could have made anything the first amendment to the constitution, but they choose for the very first sentence of the first amendment to forbid the establishment of a state religion.

    Did you notice “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins was on the NY Times bestsellers list this Christmas? Looks like you need to work harder.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Steve. How did you find the blog?

  4. Your site is being passed around several science and secular websites right now including We atheists need a good laugh from time to time.

  5. Thanks Steve! Make sure you watch the video above of Ray Comfort (an evangelist who has a show on TBN of all places). I think you’ll find it pretty entertaining as he interviews an agnostic/atheist. I appreciate the feedback!

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