Saturday Evangelism: Meet Ray Comfort in Huntington Beach


For those of you who are new to Way of the Master, we will be joining Ray and his team this Saturday for some great evangelistic fun!

Meet at Hope chapel at noon to carpool. We leave promptly at 12:15. If you want to meet us in Huntington, go to the base of the Huntington Pier at 1:30pm.

Last time I was down there I got heckled by a crazy drunk guy who later was arrested! See the video by clicking here.


  1. I can’t tell, which guy is the gorilla and which guy is Ray Comfort again? =)

  2. I would really like to meet Ray Comfort and see him do some evangelizing.

    However if I see that Fiesta Hermosa Beach atheist sign lady with the dog I might have to run.

    She was scary. Are you sure she isn’t the woman that posts on this blog?

    I hope that the Ray Team and the E-Team will have a no incident and fruitful afternoon.

  3. Mr. Vintango,

    Gorillas can’t grow that sweet sweet Smokey and the Bandit ‘stache.

    Therefore we can only conclude that Darwin was wrong.

  4. Last night I had a very vidid dream of being at the beach and listening to Ray preach to the hard hearted atheists.

    Then what looked like a legion of tinfoil hat wearing men wearing shorts and Star Trek uniform t-shirts surrounded us and started chanting, “Failed mind-reading, failed mind reading.”

    I then woke up in a sweat. I shortly fell back to sleep only to dream of being stuck in stopped traffic on the 405 in a minivan with some of the atheists from this blog. They were all asking me very long complicated questions and everytime I tried to answer them they asked me more questions. This dream went on for a long time but thankfully it ended when the atheists began argueing amongst themselves about who loved Richard Dawkins the most. That’s when I crawled out of the sunroof and started running to Hope Chapel where I knew I could find some friends to help me.

    So I’m too tired to go see Ray preach today. I hope someone is going to take some videos so I can watch it on YouTube.

  5. Wow more Dawkins obsession, have you try to pray away those feelings?

  6. @Sleepless

    It must be very difficult for you to have people asking you questions about your faith. There must be a multitude of questions that you probably should have asked yourself but failed to do and now you are stuck with the choice you have made. Close your ears, mind and heart and run back to your little bubble to be with your friends.

  7. I wonder if he’ll offer the gorilla a… banana??? =)

  8. Sleepless, that sounds like a dream I had!

    I had a dream that Ray Comfort was doing his simplistic schtick in front of a crowd of rational people who were able to refute his grade school assertions… then all of a sudden a group of tin foil hat, robe clad Christians came marching up chanting, “Evolution is not science! Evolution is not science!” and “If we all came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys!” It was awful, everytime you tried to explain or teach them something they’d come up with some incorrect or simplistic catch phrase all the while forking over heaping loads of cash to Ray. Services rendered and all that.
    Then the dream changed to me being stuck on the same highway in a car full of the evangelicals who kept arguing over how to interpret the Bible and all its vagueries and how the Bible trumps sciencific evidence and observable reality. Luckily though they started arguing over who loves Jesus more and which interpretation of scripture was correct. You know, same thing they’ve been arguing over for hundreds of years.

  9. We came down from Canada for a Celebrete Recovery Summit and hope to see Ray as i Kevin has wanted to meet him in person for years..
    Hope to see him..God bless as Ray has been kinda like a spiritual leader for me.

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