Saturday Evangelism: L. A. Rising Rock Festival


I can’t think of anyone who needs to know the Lord more than those who will be attending this huge festival at the Los Angeles Coliseum. (Okay. Actually I can think of lots of people who need the Lord, but wanted to use a little hyperbole.)

We will have our sound systems Lil Mike and HellBoy to help us with the open air preaching and, of course, lots of Gospel tracts. What I’m not too sure about is how many evangelists will show up.

This is one of those “All Hands on Deck events! Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool, or meet in front of USC at about 1:15. Free parking under the freeway (if you know how to find it. Make sure you tip the homeless guys who will watch your car.)


  1. Y’all are doing a good thing for the glory of God, what all should be doing. Keep it up and and be blessed in His name.

  2. Looks like a pretty good concert. Pity that the trip to Australia isn’t financially feasible for that kind of calibre of artists.

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