Ray and the Gorilla Part 3


I saw a cool television interview and history about Ray Comfort and his ministry in the latest newsletter I got from Living Waters. When my daughters and I went to hear him open-air preach in Huntington Beach with his gorilla, “Link,” there was a news crew from TV3, a New Zealand channel. Imagine my surprise when I showed up in the interview! (I’m the guy making fun of Ray’s accent.) My wife commented that I have been in Iran and New Zealand over the last week!

Click here to watch the 9 minute video. This is a direct link!


  1. yeah….i don’t have the patience to watch a video that freezes every 5 seconds for 10 seconds. looked good though

  2. Thanks for the tip Bruce. I put up the new link so it is watchable now. How did you find it?

  3. i recorded it 🙂


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