1. Grreat site! Sure looks alot like what you got already though.

  2. Keep the current address, but could be effective to promote in the open air.

  3. i’m am blessed to have found ur blog via raycomfortfood then onto tony’s blog, thelawmanchronicles and now here. this site has many excellent teaching situations.

    i did have to ponder on the new “stonethepreacher” name. since ur name is steven and although u spell ur name differently, i couldn’t help but liken the title to the “best” on fire open-air preacher of the New Test. – Stephen.

    so u have my yes vote to change the name if u so desire.

    a sis-in-Christ.

  4. LOL!

    Your asking for it brother! lol.

  5. Nice Name!

    I say use both addresses, think i’ll always remember this place as E-Vangie Tales.

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