Porta-Potty Preaching


When Jesus said to “Go!” in Mark 16:15 I’m pretty sure He didn’t mean this:

I wanted to preach at the Rose Parade Porta-Potties last year when I saw the crowd waiting nervously in line, but I wasn’t prepared. This time, at the 2008 Tournament of Roses, “Righteous Richard” Chavarria brought along his portable preaching stool at my request.

It’s always a good idea to have one or two brothers alongside the open-air preacher when dropping in unexpectedly on a “captive audience.”

You never know when rocks, cans, or pieces of dead cats might be chucked your way from a hung-over hooligan. I always trust that my flanking comrades will take the bullet, or bottle, for me. Right guys? Hello? Right?

I hate the term “captive audience” by the way. I much prefer the kinder, simpler term: Organic Congregation!
Organic Congregations are naturally grown, no preservatives. I make it easy for them to come to church, by going to them.

These people couldn’t go anywhere, because they had to go somewhere!

I preached on and on until I was flushed in the face… so to speak…

And I’ll go head to head with anyone!

null R.A. Torrey said this 100 years ago: “Open-air meetings are portable, you can carry them around. It would be very difficult to carry a church or mission building with you, but there is no difficulty about carrying an open-air meeting with you. You can get an open-air meeting where you could by no possibility get a church, mission hall or even a room. You can have open-air meetings in all parts of the city and all parts of the country.

“You can reach men in an open-air meeting that you can reach in no other way. I can tell of instance after instance where men who have not been at church or a mission hall for years have been reached by open-air meetings. The persons I have known to be reached and converted through open- air meetings have included thieves, drunkards, gamblers, saloon-keepers, abandoned women, murderers, lawyers, doctors, theatrical people, society people, in fact pretty much every class.” —From “Open Air Meetings” taken from Torrey’s larger work, “Methods of Christian Work” (Chapter 6, pages 222-233):

See the live video of this preaching by clicking here!

Click here to read the essence of the message I preach.


  1. What an incredible idea and opportunity! A serious venture, yes, but funny nonetheless given the (call of) nature of the lineup.

    A thought: unless these people came prepared with those prepackaged sani-wipes, there was probably not much of a provision to wash their hands after their Porta-Potty visit.

    At the very least, they got a washing of a different sort from a different kind of S.O.A.P. : Steve’s Open Air Preaching .

    Great story!

  2. Pastor Steve,
    You did a great job and I’m sure that Jesus did mean for you to do that when He said “go” especially because of all the people through the years that have died while in their positions.

    “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper [in the thing] whereto I sent it.” Isa 55:11

  3. Maybe you should post a 10 commandments poster inside the port-a-potty…Real bathroom reading! LOL

  4. That pic of me standing next to you, I look like secret service. All I need is the curly wire going to my ear. lol. Yeah I’d take a bullet for you Steve…

    I think.


  5. How “stinkin” funny is that?

    But hey, gotta get at the opportunities no matter where. Great job everyone!!!!

  6. Pray more people will take to open air preaching.

    Like Pastor Steve said, bring the church to them.

    Many people have no idea what God and hell are all about.

  7. Awsome I posted one of the video on my facebook for suggestions and encouragment to preach the Gospel wherever.

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