Part 3, Fiesta Hermosa ’08: American Preacher Finals


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In the American Preacher Finals “Righteous Richard” Chavarria wins! Sticking to his pre-written script (read it here!), the people standing in line at the shuttle bus stop at the 2008 Memorial Day Fiesta Hermosa got an earful. This wild and crazy guy preaches three times a week at a local DMV, invented stop light preaching (at least here in the South Bay), and was an Ambassador’s Academy mentor at the first training offered by The Way of the Master! His sermonette clocks in at 7:17 (no open air sermon should go longer than eight minutes). Give Richard a big hand!

I came in second with a long-winded off-the-cuff sermon that clocked in at 7:18, a full second longer than “Righteous Richard!” Can you believe it?

Now see what we did at the Labor Day Fiesta Hermosa. You will also be able to copy the questions we use for the “I.Q. Test.”


  1. Praise the Lord, how beutiful.

  2. Preach on, brothers!

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