Over 1 Million Tracts Handed Out in 19 Months!


A big thank you to The Way of the Master!

null On March 31, 2006, our church, Hope Chapel, took delivery of 2.5 million Gospel tracts in the form of a million dollar bill.

The first full day we had to hand out these tracts was April 1, National Atheist’s Day.
null Since that time, we have handed out 980,000 of these tracts.
Let me add a qualifier: 980,000 of these tracts have left through the doors of our church. So if everyone has emptied their glove boxes, jacket pockets, and bureau drawers, then that many tracts have been handed out.


We have also handed out about 40,000 additional home-grown tracts and tracts ordered and downloaded from Living Waters, which brings our total to over 1 million (even if there are tracts left in pockets, drawers, or gloveboxes.)!!!


We just took delivery of 206,000 Giant Hundred dollar bills on October 30…
null …with the first full day we had to hand out these tracts being: Halloween!

I’m truly thankful for a ministry that supports Biblical evangelism and a Senior Pastor who supports the workers in the Harvest Field.

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