Out of a Cult


This is from a now on-fire Tim Teeboom:

I read the account of “A Cloud of Jehovah’s Witnesses” on evtales. We are Jesus’ Warriors. I really longed to be there with you that day. To illustrate my feelings I grew up in a closed church that did not accept the Holy Spirit as God and anyone not worshipping on the Sabbath was deceived. Blah, Blah, Blah. The Worldwide Church of God has changed its doctrine but still has skewed views of Hell. I read God’s Word now and I live it and one of the many fruits is evangelizing. Everything then was, “Don’t be deceived,” but I was deceived. And ignorant, and spiritually arrogant. That WAS my family and I still love them, but look where the Lord has me NOW!

I left that church in the 80’s. In the 90’s — DING DONG. “Hello,” [ I greeted.] “Hello, brother,” [said the man who was a member of the cult I was in.] “You haven’t been going to church.” Me, bare chested, [standing at the door], and out of the blue, there stood the goon-squad in suits. I went back for a time to the chapter in Long Beach—but it was definitely not home.
null The straight-up about the JW’s in Long Beach: For about a month or two they would come into my house and we would go through a Bible study together. One day I said how much I respected army medics because they flew onto the battlefield with a big red cross and no guns—a big, fat, juicy target for the enemy—for the sole purpose of rescuing the men. The JW was appalled that I said such a thing.

Today, August 23rd, I led a woman to Christ. And as soon as my family went to the car we found a parking ticket. The enemy proves it all went down God’s way. I’ve found that when people have an abundance to speak, edging towards arguing points about religion, those are the people really open to the full Gospel.

I now witness for the Lord about three times a week, maybe more. Most experiences are just handing out the million-dollar bill Gospel tracts in funny ways. More and more I’m walking through the Gospel and asking the million dollar question. Occasionally there is the person who appeals straight to Jesus. The only upsetting times are when I don’t have tracts or let an opportunity go. Speak the Word even without tracts — God is the net. Ray Comfort exhorts us to honor our hecklers.

There is so much to do. So much going on. More to come. Maybe if we go to the JW convention again next year we can wear suits and hand out tracts tailor made to look like their literature. Or just speak without tracts. It sounds creepy like the body snatchers, but he righteous are as bold as lions! (Prov 28:1). –Timothy F. Teeboom

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