Open Air: THE TICKET LINE by Val Scott


(Val is a new member of our evangelism team)

The leader of our evangelism team Steve Sanchez, and I, had a meeting over coffee one afternoon; I wanted to share some of my testimony with him. Little did I realize he had a challenge waiting for me. He said, “On your way to work today I want you to stop by the AMC theater where the crowds are lining up for the new Pirates of the Carribean” movie, and pass out Gospel tracts to them all… then do a little open air preaching to the crowd.”
null Wow…. I was pinned down with a challenge that I could not back away from. I told him, “I will do it this one time.” I don’t like doing anything before going to work; I like my comfort zone.

I went there and sure enough there was a mass of humanity waiting for the movie. I passed out the tracts, then stood up and started speaking, “Excuse me! May I have your attention please!” Once I had all their attention I presented an entire Gospel presentation. The experience was awsome!

Afterward, a couple of Christian guys came out of the line and told me they were inspired by my boldness for the Lord. I told them, “If it wasn’t for my pastor I would not even be there.” lol.


  1. Steve, I would be interested to know how you were able to tell this was the right time to push Val out of the nest. It must be difficult as a leader to tell when you can do it, and when doing it will just scare them away. In any event, praise the Lord! Val’s comfort zone just got enlarged!

  2. Daniel,

    Val had actually been evangelizing in the open air for a few years to the homeless using the “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” Gospel. After learning “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” he was a rabid to evangelize bilically. He watched our team for about 4 months…then we let him go!

  3. LOL! God is so good. Steve wouldn’t let me for a while. Ya know Steve, funny thing is the “God loves you and has a plan for your life” message doesn’t even work. I mean after I joined the team at the begining I actually tried to share that way a couple of times and felt guilty about it! lol! Like I was sinning preaching the wrong way. That is so funny to me, but just goes to show how sincerely wrong you can be for such a time even in godly practice. I still don’t like doing anything before work though. lol.

  4. Hello Val,
    We met at 24hr fitness you were sharing with some other people your experience of witnessing to an atheist,you got my attention it was refreshing to hear you share your faith, just wanted to drop a line and let you know the web site is very interesting I enjoyed visiting all the sites it gives one something to really think about sinner or saint, I would like to witness to skeptics and atheist with that same boldness, I am not ashamed of the Gospel and I do share my faith with others but I have not stepped out to evangalize the way I know GOD wants us to as christians but I,m working on that as I write to you, Please e-mail me when the Water Bible is in full effect, Thanks

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