One Minute Gospel: Sean McDowell


Sean is the son of apologist Josh McDowell, and heads up Worldview Ministries. Sean’s passion is to help create a paradigm shift in how we teach truth to the younger generation. Here he gives his one minute Gospel presentation.

Feel free to correct or add what you think may be missing from these one minute presentations. Also, if you think you can preach in about sixty seconds, record it, send it to me and I may post it! Click here for more One Minute Gospels from Gavin MacLeod, Eric Hovind, Hugh Ross and Ken Ham.


  1. To me, Sean’s description of the gospel was scary…

    My son, said that he was not surprised by Sean description because it is what he has always heard at Sunday School.

    PS. He has not attended SS for over a year, he attends the adult SS with me.

  2. Thanks Steve for adding the repentance and trusting in Christ at the end!

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