One Minute Gospel: From a 13-Year Old!


Joshua Alvarez, age thirteen, started off his One Minute Gospel presentation with a very creative question: What is the most horrifying thing in Scripture?  Do you know what it is? Take 52 seconds to find out….

If you think you can preach in about sixty seconds, record it, send it to me and I may post it! Click here for more One Minute Gospels from Gavin MacLeod, Eric Hovind, Hugh Ross, Ken Ham, Sean McDowell, Elton John’s former guitarist, Caleb Quaye and Ray Comfort.


  1. Thank you Pastor Steve. But I can’t take credit for the phrase ‘What is the most horrifying thing in scripture?’. I took it from Pastor Paul Washer:

  2. Amen! Joshua it made my heart leap for joy knowing God is raising up a fine young heralder of the Gospel. Don’t quit!

  3. Good job, buddy!!!

  4. That’s fantastic Joshua! Way to go!

  5. Awesome!!! That is really good, I will have use that one the next time I get to open-air!!!

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