One Minute Gospel: Former Elton John Guitarist, Caleb Quaye

| 1 Comment says that Caleb Quaye has a world wide reputation as a signature lead guitar player since the late 60’s and early 70’s. He is known most notably as Elton John’s original lead guitarist having played on all the “early stuff”, as well as numerous studio sessions for many other name artists, such as Harry Nillson, Beach Boys, Joan Baez, Al Kooper,David Foster, John Klemmer, Eddie Henderson, Dusty Springfield,Liza Minnelli, Peter Kriss, Pete Townsend and Hall & Oates just to name a few. Eric Clapton deemed him the “world’s best guitar player.”

He was a guest guitarist at Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach, California the last week of July, 2012. Caleb Quaye gives his version of the one minute Gospel. How’d he do?

Feel free to correct or add what you think may be missing from these one minute presentations. Also, if you think you can preach in about sixty seconds, record it, send it to me and I may post it! Click here for more One Minute Gospels from Gavin MacLeod, Eric Hovind, Hugh Ross, Ken Ham and Sean McDowell.

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  1. Steve, you always give these guys a helping hand; your always on Q! :<)

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