The One Minute Gospel: Eric Hovind


This is the second week of my “One Minute Gospel” series. Feel free to correct or add what you think may be missing from these one minute presentations. Also, if you think you can preach in about sixty seconds, record it, send it to me and I may post it!

This week, I am featuring Eric Hovind, leader of Creation Today, a leading Christian-apologetics ministry, defending the literal interpretation of the Genesis creation account from the theory of evolution. This ministry’s purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the science of God’s creation.


  1. Wait a second. Did you just assemble the phrase “the science of God’s creation” as if it actually made sense? Because any sentance that contains “…and then a miracle happened…” doesn’t qualify as science.

  2. Ooo ooo! Can we have a thread discussing the Hovind Theory?

  3. Sin is a religious concept, use by groups to control people through fear. It does not exist outside of the specific group mind set.

    • And if that brings you comfort, continue to believe that lie. It sure won’t help on the day of your death.

      • Its reality Steve. Look at the world, and all the groups that think they have the truth, and their specific set of what they call sins. Some are common, others differ.
        I do wonder how anyone can say they know Gods mind ( presuming here for a monent that your God does exist) when the bible is a development of thought over a long peroid of time, and what God thinks one day is not the same on another. The God of the bible changes over time, the laws change, concept of what is sin change.

      • I love to answer sceptics with scripture!

        Malachi 3:6 a, For I am the LORD, I change not.

        2 Peter 1:21, For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

        John 17:17 b, your word is truth.

      • I love to answer sceptics with scripture!

        Not surprised. Answering with scripture is a lot like putting fingers in your ears and saying “lalalalala I can’t heeearrrr you!”

      • Steve L, and given that the lost don’t idolize the bible, how do you expect that sort of response to go?

      • That is a good point ‘Tub, wouldn’t the most effective way to prove the authority of the Bible to a non-believer or skeptic to be to present the evidence and irrefutable proof in reality and history which perfectly backs up the passages in the bible?

        … Uh oh…

    • Someone must have got banned from CARM again.

  4. “So the Lord changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people,” (Exodus 32:14, NASB).

    • John Gill comments:
      “I change not”; being the same today, yesterday, and forever; he changed not in his divine nature and personality by becoming man; he took that into union with him he had not before, but remained the same as he ever was.

      Hope this helps-

      • keep telling yourself it says something different to to what it actually does. It does not say i change not, but that the ‘Lord changed His mind’
        Now changing your mind means you were thinking of doing one things then changed it to another.
        Is this a God that is suppose to know everything? Why would a everyknowing God think something that needs changing?

      • Blythe:
        “One thing” He knows for sure, is that you and I are sinful people and that He provided His dear son as a sacrifice for our sins. I’ve acknowledged and received His free gift; I humbly invite you to do the same!

      • Ladies and Gentleman… Steve L. lets give the man a big round of applause and thank him for playing, remember when the question gets too much or too big to handle, no one ducks it as good as Steve =)

      • Vin:
        All the explanations that I could give would be meaningless as I have tried before but to no avil!

        But in any event, thanks so much for your kind words :<)

      • Most of your responses Steve are simply quoting bible verses which maybe only vaguely related to the discussion topic at hand. How exactly is that answering a question? What if we were having a discussion on assembling a desk, how relevant would it be to quote passages from the bible about hard work and what not when the other party just wants you to offer your opinion or observations on how to assemble the desk given your experiences in life.

      • “I have tried before but to no avail!”

        I don’t want to engage in useless disputation! Trust me, I can speak on a number of subjects, but it’s a waste of time because *whatever* I say you’ll refute! We’ll be going round till the cows come home.
        Ultimately Vin, you must repent and believe the gospel! I can’t change your heart; Only the holy Spirit is able to do that.

      • The refutations come because they’re easy. Like when the topics of evolution and science in general come up, there’s a wealth of information out there to share with you. Its really just an attempt to get you to think. And really if you’re statements have facts backing them up, please share!

      • No facts? I suppose that’s okay then, just don’t be surprised when no one takes you seriously. Your philosophy of we have different ways of looking at the same thing, while it may be true, certainly does not mean they are equal… not by a long shot.

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